We all know very well that Ransomware is a plague that is increasingly widespread and has been attacking more and more users. As in very simple and quick way it can easily infect any machine or computer and then prevent access to your data.

This Ransomware Wants Your 10 Nude Photos As Ransom To Unlock Your PC

Ransomware is a plague that is increasingly widespread and has been attacking more and more users. Simply and quickly it can infect any machine and prevent access to your data.

If so far the payments were made preferentially in bitcoins, everything seems to be changing. nRansomware is a new threat, which prompts users to pay with their photographs, layoffs.

nRansomware was recently discovered by MalwareHunterTeam and would be just another ransomware, but it is not like other, as it is different for its peculiar payment method. Its harmful effects repeat what many others already do, encrypting the user’s data, and therefore, it is neither more nor less destructive.

The difference from nRansomware, and what makes it unique is its form of payment. Its creators demand that victims instead of paying bitcoins send their naked photographs, which will then be sold to DeepWeb.

After a valid validation that the submitted photos are actually of the victims, the nRansomware unlock key is sent and the machine hit can finally be recovered.

For privacy purposes, on both sides, attackers require victims to create an email account on the Proton service, whereupon all communications will be made between the parties privately.

Despite seeming little more than a bad match, nRansomware is being viewed as a real-life attack, already being identified in VirusTotal and Hybrid Analysis, and being disseminated through a file named ‘nRansom.exe’.

This is not the first time different versions of ransomware come up, but so far its intention was to educate and help prevent, showing the problems it brings. This is the first time payments have changed and become so personal.

So, what do you think about this peculiar nRansomware? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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