RazerGo The Chat Platform For Pokemon Go Players
RazerGo The Chat Platform For Pokemon Go Players

As we all know that the Pokémon Go is a very entertaining game, however it is far from perfect. That’s why there are many companies who are willing to help or improve the user experience, as Razer is one of them and promises to provide a chat app for Pokemon Go.

RazerGo: The Chat Platform For Pokemon Go Players

The game Pokemon Go succeeded just in a few days and achieved a lot of popularity worldwide. As the concept of the game is very interesting and joining the mobile devices along with the augmented reality, hence, the success was immediate.

Now the question arises here that does the Pokemon Go function as a communication platform? The answer is yes, thanks to the RazerGo app. So, if you go out for hunting with Pokémon Go, take the advantage and talk with other users within your range of motion with the app RazerGo.

This mobile app RazerGo will soon come to the popular platforms like iOS and Android, as it promises communication between the pokémon coaches who are within a radius of between 5 and 1,000 kilometers, says the Razer in a statement, the company behind the RazerGo app.

You can easily configure communication between “whisper”, “team” and “public”, depending on the type of communication that you want. Even you can also turn RazerGo that will only show you people with your same team color.

For now, while waiting for the application for iOS and Android reach to the stores, you can use the Web version of the service or app RazerGo. Razer, the company behind the app RazerGo, start a Guided walks Pokecrawls on Wednesday. These walks are to just to bring several Pokemon coaches together. Hence, the walks begin in the RazerStore, where all the Participants will receive discounts, gifts, and promotional coupons in the store.

Before the fever, Pokemon Go, which has generated big revenue for Nintendo, high rates of use outweigh Twitter or Tinder in the US, and even a budding application to link to the game, it was a matter of time before the rise a messaging app between the Pokemon Go users or players.