Remix OS, A Desktop Fork Of Android, Is Being KILLED OFF
Remix OS, A Desktop Fork Of Android, Is Being KILLED OFF

As we all know very well that Android is the most modular and adaptative Operating Systems that exist. As it runs on smartphones, but it can also be used in Raspberry and even on a normal PC or Laptop. But, Jide’s well-known Remix OS Player, a desktop fork of Android, is being killed off.

Remix OS, A Desktop Fork Of Android, Is Being KILLED OFF

When it first came out, Remix OS promised to be a revolution, not just in the smartphone world, but also in the computers themselves, by bringing Android to this platform.

After succeeding in appeasing many users, who chose it for their day to day life, their end has now come, with the company that developed it to choose other markets, probably more profitable.

The task that Remix OS reserved for itself was not simple. Bringing Android to the PC market and make it simple to use at the same time that would become attractive and intuitive. But, the truth is that Jide, the company that developed it eventually succeeded and the success of Remix OS was high.

But for no apparent reason, Jide has now decided to put an end to Remix OS and to finish all its developments, focusing on the business world, where it will have several projects, to begin with.

Here is what the company who is behind the development of Remix OS, Jide states “We will be restructuring our approach to Remix OS and transitioning away from the consumer space. As a result, development of all existing products such as Remix OS for PC as well as products in our pipeline such as Remix IO and IO + will be discontinued”.

Remix OS
Remix OS

In addition to Remix OS, Jide will also stop other projects that were in development and that would bring several new features to this market. All are terminated and the amounts paid will be refunded.

One plus point that Remix OS had was the ability to be used on machines with reduced resources, thus giving them a new life and a complete platform to function and work.

After starting in 2014 with the design of a tablet, Remix OS and all its associated hardware come to an end, once again leaving orphaned users and looking for ways to have Android on their computers, mixing the best of two worlds in one Platform.

So, what do you think about this sudden discontinuation? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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