We all know very well that how nowadays science and technologies are evolving, and it is much clearly visible in the segment of robotics and artificial intelligence. As recently, researchers managed to develop robots that are capable of collaborating with each other.

Researchers Develop Robots Capable Of Collaborating With Each Other

Nowadays the advance of the technology is impressive and we can see it in the robots, the systems that implement them are a thing of the future and, we can see how in many cases they are supplanting the work of the human being.

It is something that is happening and worries the whole world. However, experts believe that increasing the technological solvency of robots is imperative for humanity and more so, when they are so precise and quick to analyze or perform an object or problem.

For this and more, a group of scientists from the Free University of Bruxelles has developed a project where the robots are able to collaborate with each other in an active way as if it were human.

This group of scientists has managed to develop something really interesting and that we can see in the video. For their perfect and successful execution, they have wanted to equip them with systems of recognition of the environment so that they can analyze it and work together as if it were a family. All for a common goal.

The coordination that robots have is quite impressive because they support each other to achieve their goal. In addition, we have a central unit which is responsible for performing the different tasks of recognition and coordination with the rest of the existing robots. Like everything, there is a leader and through him, others play a primary role for teamwork.

To make matters worse, robots are not limited to this group work, since each of them can work independently, a behavior equal to us. Also, there is the possibility of another robot taking command, as long as some failure occurs in the main robot.

Undoubtedly, we are before a project which is really interesting and it simply reflects the great work that scientists perform to take robotics to another level that is never known.

So, what do you think about this extraordinary breakthrough? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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