Ringing Bells Refunds Payments To The Freedom 251 Buyers
Ringing Bells Refunds Payments To The Freedom 251 Buyers

The makers of the World’s Cheapest Smartphone Ringing Bells has started refunding money to the buyers who booked Freedom251 in the first phase of sale. The company said that it has got payments from the first 30,000 orders.

Ringing Bells Refunds Payments To The Freedom 251 Buyers

Reports are stating that Ringing Bells Director, Mohit Goel has claimed that the company will accept cash only after delivery and the amount paid by 30,000 customers via Debit/Credit Card will get refund.

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The company has claimed that it has got over 7 Million Registrations but it has accepted payments of only 30,000 users. Those who registered for the phone were notified that they will get payment links in the email within 48 hours. However, only 30,000 users have got the payment links.

Ringing Bells will now enable Cash on Delivery (COD) option to the buyers who have placed order for Freedom 251. Ringing Bells President, Ashok Chadha said that COD option will assure clarity and doubt regarding the company.

Ringing Bells, small mobile manufacturer came to light after it launched world’s cheapest smartphone at just $4. The company claimed that number of orders for Freedom 251 has crossed over 7 Crore. The Company’s director said that it will make R.s 31 ($0.45) profit on every Freedom251 device sold.

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 The company has became victim of number of controversies. It also didn’t had proper planning for the sale. It is obvious that those persons who won’t get this phone, they will label this company as “Bogus”. The company should have accepted only limited orders, or the total devices they could manufacture.


  1. I always Know it’s Fake Product Because Only Rs. 251 in The Price of 1 Gb Data Pack…OffCourse Never


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