Russian Hackers Now Targeting Your Country Steals Billions
Russian Hackers Now Targeting Your Country Steals Billions

The loss of action over the last three and a half years may surpass 1.7 billion. Dollars – Evidence shows that the “leaders” of gangs are less than 20, and most have not yet been arrested.

The Experts from Research Incidents Security Computer Kaspersky Lab have spent the last three and a half years researching over 330 digital security incidents that affected government agencies and companies in the private sector.

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Their findings reveal that over 95% of these cases used malware, often with success, to steal money. Details about this discovery and other key findings are gathered in a report of Kaspersky Lab, entitled “The hidden Russian digital crime: how it works”. The report assesses the damage caused to companies by Russian-speaking digital criminals who have them arrested in recent years.

Russian Hackers Now Targeting Your Country Steals Billion

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It also includes an overview of “products” and “services” offered by the “underground” Russian market, while explaining the structure of a “typical” Russian gang digital crime and the participants’ main roles in it. The report states that between 2012 and 2015, law enforcement authorities in several countries have arrested more than 160 people from Russia and neighboring countries, which were suspected of conducting economic digital crime in various countries around the world.

Estimated damage caused by their actions exceeding $ 790 million. If this is combined with the damage caused by the notorious gang online Carbanak (which has not yet been arrested), the relative size would exceed 1.7 billion. Dollars. Of this amount, more than 500 million million stolen from countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union.

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Analysts Kaspersky Lab’s estimate that during the past three and a half years, about 1,000 people from Russia and neighboring countries involved digital criminal activity. The data show that the “leaders” of gangs are less than 20 and most of them have not yet been arrested. Currently, Kaspersky Lab actively explores five major groups of digital crime, which involved stealing money using malware . All five are still active and their action was discovered by researchers in 2012 and 2013.

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Digital gangs numbering from 10 to 40 members, depending on the group. At least two of the groups actively target organizations in Russia and neighboring countries, but in the US, Britain, Australia, France, Italy and Germany. “Unlike other similar gangs -as those in Brazil, for example-Russian speakers digital criminals not only focus on local goals. It is an international problem and we believe that the scale of the threat will continue to grow.