Well, the exploding nature of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a widespread issue. Samsung had revealed why the Note 7 kept exploding in infographics.

Here’s Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Turned Into A Bomb

As we all know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had everything to be a sales success but proved to be a torment for the South Korean company. When the first explosions of Note 7 were reported, Samsung stopped selling the device and started worldwide a replacement program.

The replacement program also didn’t work because the so-called replaced and safe units of devices also begun to explode after few days to usage. So, Samsung suspended the production of Galaxy Note 7.

Without any doubt, the Note 7 explosion hurt Samsung in the worst way possible. It tarnished company’s image and led to a massive financial loss. Because of this, the company has been forced to order a detailed investigation.

So, it looks like Samsung released the findings of its Galaxy Note 7 explosion investigation. The report states that the phones were exploding because of bad design-high welding burrs on the positive electrode and missing insulation tape.

Some other findings also indicate that Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery was too large for the phone, this is what resulted from the phone to overheat and ended up exploding.

Samsung had revealed why the Note 7 kept exploding in infographics. Have a look at it:

Image Source: Samsung
Image Source: Samsung

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