We all know very well that DxOMark is a company dedicated to analyzing the photographic component of smartphones, and then it creates ranking according to their results and performance. However, recently, just after testing the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus they declared that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 managed to beat the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Beats iPhone 8 & 8 Plus In Camera Fight

DxOMark is a company dedicated to analyzing the photographic component of smartphones, later it creates a ranking of the best cameras in smartphones.

Recently the Apple iPhone 8 Plus had climbed to the top, with 96 points in photography and 94 points overall, but a new smartphone has again set a new limit, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

For many users who are fans of photography, DxOMark is possibly one of the best sources to find a detailed analysis of the cameras of the major smartphones.

Over the past few years, several have been considered as the best camera models on the market, such as the HTC U11, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 or Sony Xperia X, with the fight for the top being constant.

Last week, DxOMark launched the iPhone 8 Plus review, labeling it the best camera on a smartphone, with the Apple device rising to the top of the overall standings with 94 points and setting a new maximum in photography with 96 points. With this result far outweighed its competition, with its brother, the iPhone 8 to have an identical performance but slightly lower (92 points).

Although it only rose to the top last week, the reign of the new iPhone was short. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has already been evaluated and has gained a rating of 94 points, thus equaling the iPhone 8 Plus at the top of the overall ranking table. However, if we only analyze the photographic component, we are facing the best camera in the market, having obtained 100 points in photography.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has one of the best cameras on the market

When DxOMark evaluates a smartphone it assigns a general grade that is based on a combined photo and video notes. The note of each of these two elements is obtained through a wide variety of criteria such as contrast and exposure, colors, autofocus, among others.

In the case of the iPhone 8 Plus, it had a total value of 94 points, resulting from a score of 96 points in photography and 89 points in video, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also obtained a total score of 94 points, but totaling 100 points in photography and 84 video points. With this data, we can conclude that Note 8 has better performance in photography and iPhone 8 Plus in the video.

According to DxOMark, in addition to its photographic quality, the main highlight of Note 8 is its 2x optical zoom and 4x or 8x digital zoom, which obtained very positive results. At this point, Samsung reached a score of 66 points, while the iPhone 8 Plus stood for the 51 points.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also has a wide advantage in the autofocus, with 94 points, compared to the 74 obtained by the iPhone, and gains in texture and noise.

The iPhone 8 Plus is superior in exposure and contrast, color, artifacts, flash and, being one of its highlights, in bokeh mode. In the video, the iPhone also has the best results.

On the DxOMark site, you will find several examples of photos captured with the Galaxy Note 8 and some comparisons with other smartphones.

Taking a general assessment, the truth is that we are facing two of the best smartphones of the moment both in camera and in performance. Both flagships will surely win over their users and the camera should not disappoint whenever called upon to intervene on any of the devices.

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