Recently, there is a lot of talk going on about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the latest leaks suggesting that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will arrive in this coming August 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date REVEALED In Fresh Leak

There is a lot of talk going on about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. After the problems that Samsung had in Note 7, it was not known if the brand would keep this line of equipment or if it would reinvent it and create something new.

The certainties now seem to begin to emerge, with information, not yet official, that Note 8 will arrive in August, probably on the 26th.

The various rumors that have surfaced suggesting that Galaxy Note 8 will be presented during this year’s IFA, at a time when the market will be receptive and that the other brands will also showcase their new features.

But just like last year, Samsung seems to want to anticipate the arrival of its larger model and is preparing to present it in New York on August 26. Curiously, this year it seems that the presentation of the new Note will be done a few days later than last year.

Something that worries the potential buyers of Note 8 is the problems that hit the previous model, but that Samsung seems to have settled once and for all, as we have seen with the Galaxy S8.

What will bring the Galaxy Note 8 back?

In addition to the date of presentation, which came from an internal source of the company, some of the specifications of the new Note 8 have already appeared. This new smartphone will have a screen of 6.3 inches Infinity Display, larger than Note 7 and that the Galaxy S8, an enhanced S Pen, dual rear camera, Bixby and a fingerprint reader also in the rear, such as the Galaxy S8 has.

However, there will be a repositioning of this fingerprint reader so that it is now in the center of the phone, making it simpler to access.

As for the remaining specifications of Galaxy Note 8, these have not been advanced and remain, for now, a secret. It is expected, however, that follow the line that Samsung presented to the Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

While not admitting it, Samsung’s decision to introduce Note 8 in August concerns the willingness to put it on the market before Apple introduced the new iPhone. By achieving this time advantage, it hopes to start sales before the competition and thus have the most receptive market.

The stigma of battery problems will be present in the presentation that Samsung will perform, but this is certainly an outdated problem and that the brand will not repeat, thus avoiding further heavy losses, which in the case of Note 7 amounted to 5.4 billion Dollars.

It is expected that the Unpack of Note 8 will be done already within 2 months, with Samsung to present there all the news that prepared for this top smartphone and that intends to beat the competition more direct, making forget past problems and that sure they will Not return.

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