We all know that Samsung is working on its new virtual assistant which is set to debut with the Galaxy S8 and will be known as Bixby. But, now it seems that Samsung Hello could be the S8’s answer to Google Now.

Samsung Hello Will Be The Galaxy S8’s Answer To Google Now

Virtual assistants are increasingly present in operating systems, preparing to assist users in their day-to-day tasks. The main players in the world of technology already have their offers, but a new one may be coming.

After several times have been referred and commented the Samsung Bixby, now comes a certainty to the side of the South Korean giant with the registration of Samsung Hello brand.

It has been speculated that Samsung will equip the future Galaxy S8 with all the technology that will allow it, as is normal, to set the standards for the smartphone market. In the field of virtual assistants, Samsung should ignore Google’s proposals and present its offer, which would be called Bixby.

But a new application for trademark registration in Europe is to show that after all this virtual assistant may have another name. The registration refers to Samsung Hello, and the description leaves little room for doubt.

“Application software that gives personalized features and information based on user preferences in the fields of weather, music, entertainment, games, travel, science, health, contact, and social news via voice command and voice recognition.”

The question remains whether Hello will be the new name of the Bixby wizard or whether it will be just a part of it, which will use the entire artificial intelligence component to present information to users.

The Batteries Of The Galaxy S8

In addition to this possible news, more information about the Galaxy S8, this time concerning batteries. This is now a sensitive subject for Samsung, and that should pay special attention to this new model.

According to what has come to the public, it is known that the battery of the Galaxy S8 should maintain the same capacity of those which equipped the Galaxy Note 7, being from 3000mAh and 3500mAh for the standard model and the edge model.

With no date yet for release, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been slowly becoming known and showing that it will be a fair successor to the Galaxy line, with all the necessary predicates.

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