Santa Claus Malware In Christmas Apps Targeting Android, iOS, PC Users
Santa Claus Malware In Christmas Apps Targeting Android, iOS, PC Users

CloudSek founded the Advanced persistent threat Santa-APT. This malware was also on Android And Apple Stores.

CloudSek founded the Advanced persistent threat Santa-APT; let me tell you, Cloud Sek is a security firm researching a new growing malware in the black market. What if I told you that the imminent malware was named Santa Claus Malware? You must be figuring out what the reason behind this name was.

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Santa Claus Malware can do a lot of wrong if you are one of the victims. The Researcher discovered that the company which had rented the server to Santa-APT was actually from South Asia. But the Researcher didn’t mention the name of the company. It was nevertheless kept in suspense.

Santa Claus Malware In Christmas Apps Targeting Android, iOS, and PC Users

On Taking a closer look, the researcher found out how this malware is executing on another computer. It usually creates two folders for storing voice recordings and the other for keyloggers data. But these folders are not found in every victim’s computer. But we can expect that the developers of Santa Claus malware are working on it transforming the characteristics of this malware.

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Capabilities of Santa Claus Malware.

Guess what? The new Santa Claus Malware can steal sfiles from your system and create screenshots on your desktop without permission. It can also reach your USB Flash drives and has some advanced filtration capabilities. The Researcher considered that the new Santa Claus app malware had managed to store over 120Gb of data, and the numbers are increasing very quickly.

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The malware was also on Android And Apple Stores.

The new Santa Claus app malware is founded on the mobile operating systems Android and iOS too. But the app in which the malware is detected was still not revealed. Guess what? Your phone might be the next victim because mobile malware can steal browsing history, Camera records, Call records, SIM Card details, etc. Santa Claus Malware can access your phone’s microphone and camera to capture the atmosphere throughout you.

Victims of Santa-APT

More than 8000 infected computers and phones have been found so far; researcher also managed to find out the Santa-APT backend panel, but the mobile and computer source for entering this malware was still not disclosed; it will be beneficial to the users to identify the app or software which contains the Santa Claus malware. But we can expect the source to be disclosed soon.

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What Can You Do?

Christmas is one of the best seasons for hackers and cyber criminals to trap innocent users and earn money, so beware while downloading any third-party app. It’s best to download trusted applications from trusted sources.