Send files and messages over Office LAN privately
Send files and messages over Office LAN privately

Learn how to send files and messages over Office LAN privately with the help of a simple guide that will help you to easily secure your privacy over the local internet network. Follow the below guide to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e all are quite familiar with many online instant messenger applications with the help of which we can chat and send files to anyone we want to. But there is a problem whenever we are in a school or an office because the situation there is different than our home Wifi or internet network. In our office or school environment, we are working in a restricted environment where there are restrictions as on when and how you can have the access to internet connection. This kind of security is important in office environments to maintain a proper secure environment for the protection of important data, unauthorized access etc. For this kind of conditions, we are going to provide you a simple trick in this article which will help you to share files securely. So, we recommend you to use a simple software known as Softros LAN Messenger which will help you solve the problem and let you share information across the network privately.

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Salient Key Features of Softros LAN Messenger you would love to read.

Softros LAN Messenger is an instant LAN messaging application which is devised for safe, private and effective communication in the office environment.

The best part of it is that it does not require any sort of server to run and is very easy to install. This messenger includes a variety of features that includes PC-to-PC messaging, broadcast messaging to notify only selected individuals about an event, group LAN chat rooms, and the last one which is drag-and-drop file transfer which will help you to exchange files and folders between staff members.

All messages and files exchanged by the users are highly encrypted and never go outside your local office network. This type of security guarantees you that no type of unauthorized person will ever be able to read your private conversation or in any case gain access your receptive data.

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So its key features include the following:

#1 Easy and installation of use

The software is very easy to install and to use. The interface is very simple and user-friendly.

#2 Serverless architecture

Serverless architecture means that you don’t require any kind of server installed on your PC so as to transfer the files over the network. So here comes the best part of using soft rose LAN messenger that is you don’t have to set up and maintain a messaging server as it can work within the local network of your office environment.

#3 Security, safety, and privacy

It is the basic aspect of using this application. Softros LAN messenger will provide you encryption of all communication and data. The encryption algorithm used by this software is AES-256.

#4 Individual and Group conversations

The software provides a facility to its users for exchanging messages and files between either one or multiple users at the same time

#5 Offline Messaging

Even when a user is offline, you can still send messages to them, and the user will receive them when they will come online in the messenger. So offline messaging goes pretty well.

#6 Group Messaging

You can create a group with your colleagues or friends to start a group chat. This group chat will also be secure and private.

#7 File Transfer Between Users

As discussed above, the messenger provides more facilities than sending and receiving text messages. You can also transfer files between users. You just need to drag and drop the file to the user.

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Installation and Usage:

There are different versions of this software.In this article,  we are giving you a tutorial for windows version. You can follow up the same instructions for other versions.

  1. Download the software of your respective version from the official website and install it like any other windows software.
  2. Launch the software from the start menu or a shortcut icon on your desktop.
  3. If the software is installed on the other computers of your network then Softros messenger will automatically start displaying all the users present in your network.

    Send files and messages over Office LAN privately
    Send files and messages over Office LAN privately

  4. in the main window, click on the username to start a new conversation. A new chat window will be opened where you can start sending messages.
  5. Click the send button. The message will be delivered to the user instantly.
  6. By clicking on the “invite button” you can add other users to a group chat.
  7. Transferring the files is a simple task. Just drag and drop the file into the chat window. The other person has to click on the “accept” to receive the file.

    Send files and messages over Office LAN privately
    Send files and messages over Office LAN privately

  8. After the file has been downloaded to your local PC, click on the Open folder. Your file will be present in the folder that is opened.

Request Remote Assistance

This option helps you to open a remote session. All you need to do is enter valid credentials.

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The Bottom-Line

So, if you are a part of a big organization then Softros messenger is best suited for intra-office conversations. So implement this today and have fun. Hope you like the guide, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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