Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways
Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways

Let’s have a look at the method to Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways that will help you to easily view other points on the road and will make you navigate somehow better specifically. So follow up the complete guide below.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he map is a service that provides the users with the trace of each and every landmarks, roads etc that are available. Almost for the whole of the world areas, this map service is available and users can anytime access it through specific apps to get the roadmap around them or of any other place. For some people, it is a necessity to locate the popular buildings, tolls, and highways, other picnic places etc that they could either locate or ignore. But for other people, it is just needed to locate any location, and they don’t want the marks of any tolls or highways, buildings etc on their map. Talking about those people who are using the Apple Maps, they certainly get to see numerous kinds of marks on the map by default. In the case of any user wish to skip to clean and minimal maps it couldn’t be done straightforward. There is a requirement to set some options do as to make the map provide clean locations marks only inside the Apple Maps. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the Apple Maps could be set to avoid tolls and highways and some other landmarks too. If you are willing to know how to do this them please read the whole article below!

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How to Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways

The method is quite easy and simple and you just need to perform some settings in your maps and can exclude the things according to your wish. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

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Steps to Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways:

#1 The process of this method is just straightforward in which you require to follow through some options only. After that, the tolls or highways could be blocked inside the Maps through their particular toggle buttons. Going towards describing the method, first of all, you need to open the General Settings of the Device that we believe you will be known easily.

#2 Inside the General settings you would find the option named Maps. This is basically placed below in the screen so scroll down to find and reach this option. You need to click on this option so that you can enter into Maps settings that are for the Apple Maps only.

Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways
Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways

#3 You will now see the whole settings related to the Maps and its working on your device. To make the settings to avoid Tolls and Highways inside the Apple Maps go to the Driving and Navigation settings through the option.

#4 The steps are extremely easy now, you will have to toggle the Tolls and Highway buttons to Enable under the Avoid section on the screen. Right after making this amendment in your Map settings you will notice that no tolls and highways appear inside the Apple Maps!

Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways
Set Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways

The process is easily reversible so you can follow the above steps again to toggle off those avoids in the Maps.

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So above guide is all about Setting up Apple Maps to Avoid Tolls and Highways. Apple Maps is not only limited option for the users to access the map service rather there are hundreds of different apps available of this kind. Apple Maps may lack the features and functionality but the third party apps could tend to provide more flexible Map service with lots of extra functions. Still, for the users those who love to be with the Apple Maps only, they can set the view features of the map by the above method and hence avoid certain landmarks. We hope that you will like this article, and if you do like this article then please take some time to share your opinions too. Log on to the comments section below for sharing your opinions! And techviral team will be always there to assist you in any of your query related to the post.


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