If you want to use Android gadgets with your iPhone then here is the guide to Set Up and Use Android Wear with iPhone that will helo you to do that with great ease. So follow the guide below to proceed.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hile the iPhone have got its piece of Smartwatch that is very good and the functions and features all it provides are amazing but still some of the iPhone users would not love to go for the Apple Watch, and there could be so many reasons behind that. The design of the Apple Watch is all consistent, and there is no option to choose from the variety of designs, maybe this could be the reason for the iPhone users to deny the Apple Watch and alike that only there could be various other such reasons to leave the Apple Watch. The Android smartwatches on the other sides have got so many various options to choose from, and there are about too many smartwatches. The good news is that all those Android wear are compatible with the iOS 8.2+ and hence the iPhone users could go for the Android wear as the best alternate for the Apple Watch. There might be confusion in setting the Android wear with the iPhone devices, and most of the users might find it really difficult, so to help out all those users set up the Android wear with iPhone we have written about the exact method in this article to do that up. If you also want to know about the method just go and read up the whole article that is given below!

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How to Set Up and Use Android Wear with iPhone

The method is quite simple and easy, and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Set Up and Use Android Wear with iPhone:

1. First of all download and install the Android Wear app from the App Store on your iPhone device. Launch the app on the device and then inside the app screen tap on the arrow button to begin pairing your Watch with the iPhone device. As to connect and let the watch communicate with the iPhone this is compulsory to pair both these devices together.

2. Now on the watch swipe left on your watch and then from there choose the language of your preference. While doing so, you would need to agree on tote Motorola Privacy Policy too. The language is really important part as you could only interface among the devices having the same language.

Set Up and Use Android Wear with iPhone
Set Up and Use Android Wear with iPhone

3. iPhone shows you or prompts you the permissions that the Android Wear app asks you for, you would also see the screen having the watch code written on it. Tap on the watch code for your selected watch which you wish to connect to the iPhone device.

4. The Android Wear app on the iPhone would then try to pair with your iPhone. See the prompt on your iPhone that would be asking for the pairing of both the devices, just check the pairing code and if it matches with the code of your Watch then continue with the pairing.

Set Up and Use Android Wear with iPhone
Set Up and Use Android Wear with iPhone

5. At the last step, the Android Wear watch would begin to sync all the apps and the data from your iPhone to the Watch. This could take some time so be patient at that time and let the process complete. Once the syncing is completed your watch would be then connected to the iPhone device, and the watch would work like a usual smartwatch and give away all the notifications, alerts, etc.

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So this was all about how the iPhone users could set up the Android Watches to their devices as simple as the Apple Watches connects to the iPhone devices. Hope you might have liked the article and you might have also learned up to the way to connect the Android Watches to the Apple Watch. We would love to see your indulgence in the comments below!