An increasing number of homeowners are installing security cameras in their homes so that they can keep an eye on their family back home. You can also setup recording to maintain record of any intrusion or incidences. Modern home monitoring cameras are no longer restricted to just the security factor.

SpotCam Sense: Much More than Just Monitoring Your Home!

They are much more sophisticated and feature-loaded and can help create a totally safe home for your loved ones. SpotCam Sense is one such advanced system that does much more than keeping an eye on your family.

SpotCam Sense is much more than a security camera. It is a comprehensive home monitoring system that allows you to do much more than keeping an eye on your family. It will also monitor your home’s temperature, lux, and humidity levels. In simple words, the system monitors your home’s vitals too. There are many features that make it the best possible home monitoring system you can find in the market.

⦁ FHD 1080p video streaming and recording
⦁ FREE full-time continuous cloud storage for recording video 24×7
⦁ Wider view angle of 155°
⦁ Set alerts for temperature, motion, humidity, sound, and light levels
⦁ Dual-way audio recording (speak over the system)
⦁ Free time-lapse and video export
SpotCam Sense provides you with a Full HD WiFi video camera that supports both night vision and dual-way audio. You can install it in your home or even in your workplace. You can always have an eye on your home and around the corners wherever you are. SpotCam Sense also has built-in sensors to keep track of all your home vitals. If you need to install the system outdoors, it is recommended to choose SpotCam Sense Pro which is IP65 rated in terms of weathering the elements.

Using SpotCam Sense


You can monitor your rooms from any device as long as you have Internet connectivity. This can include:
⦁ PC
⦁ Laptop
⦁ Tablet
⦁ Smartphone
All the alerts can be received through the SpotCam App or in your email inbox.
The video can be stored and viewed up to 30 days after. There are different plans that allow you to record video for different durations.
The different SpotCam NVR plans are as following:
⦁ Free: 24-hour recording
⦁ $3.95 per month: 3 days of recording
⦁ $5.95 per month: 7 days of recording
⦁ $19.95 per month: 30 days of recording
The paid plans are optional.

Features that Make SpotCam a Stand-out

Night Vision: How many security and monitoring cams can you find that provide night vision? SpotCam has built-in infrared LEDs that light up in the dark and provide clear view.
FHD Video: Security cams are typically notorious for their poor quality video. SpotCam streams the highest-quality, FHD 1080p video on your screen. Combined with the wide angle view feature, you get to see more.
WiFi Connection: There is no need to lay wires around your home to connect the cam. You can connect it to your home’s WiFi. The only wire required is the power cord.
Dual-Way Audio: SpotCam has built-in speaker and microphone. You can both listen to and talk to people on the other side.
Social Media Sharing: If you capture something funny or memorable, you can also share the videos in your social media accounts with your friends.
Schedule the Cam: You can even schedule when the cam should switch on and off.
Data Encryption: You don’t want your home’s real-time monitoring videos to stream to your smartphone or laptop without being encrypted. SpotCam uses bank-level SSL encryption to transmit the video in a secure way.
Cloud Storage
If you want to store the video footage from your security cam, the ideal way is to setup a local server in your home. With SpotCam cloud NVR plans, you can choose cloud storage to store your videos. Once the video is stored, you can access it from your device and view the footage. There are different plans with different storage capacity to suit to your needs.
Easy Setup
With SpotCam, anyone can setup this security and home monitoring system. All that is required is to set the camera in the right place and connect it to the WiFi. Then create your account by visiting You can set it up even from your smartphone.
There are very few security cams that provide the advanced features present in SpotCam. You can not only view real-time streaming from your home or office; this cam has sensors to provide you real-time feed about the temperature, light, audio, motion, and humidity. You can set the alerts and get alerted whenever the threshold limits are crossed. Free continuous cloud recording is also unique in the market and makes SpotCam a more economical solution for WiFi cloud camera.


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