Almost every social networking site you use today supports sharing GIFs. Not only on social networking sites, but you may also occasionally encounter animated GIFs on general websites as well.

Even though Animated GIFs have been around for a while, it cannot be very pleasant when they start playing automatically. Animated GIFs were supposed to play automatically, and it’s preferred over video as they are less in size and can express more than an image.

However, if you have limited internet bandwidth, you may never want animated GIFs to play automatically on a web browser.

Stop Autoplaying GIFs in Your Browser

So, this article is for those searching for ways to stop auto-playing GIFs in their web browser. Below, we have shared some simple steps to stop auto-playing GIFs in a web browser. Let’s get started.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Most people use this web browser, and there are numerous extensions for the purpose, but we believe and trust in only “GIF Delayer“.

This extension blocks the GIFs while showing only the first frame for this media. If you have the extension enabled, you won’t see any GIFs playing, but if you want the GIFs to play again, then simply disable the Extension you have installed.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

This is the best competitor of Google Chrome, and it contains many similar features. The ability to install extensions is also available on this browser.

To stop the GIFs playback on Mozilla Firefox, you need to install the extension named Toggle Animated GIFs. This extension works similarly to the extension described in Google Chrome.

3. Opera


On the Opera browser, you need to install an extension named GIF blocker. Simply use this extension and then toggle enable the GIFs autoplay back on or off by clicking on the extension icon placed above on the taskbar.

Rather you could also find various other extensions to obtain the same functionality, but preferably you should go for the GIF-Blocker only.

4. Safari


This browser is lagging behind in this value because it has only a few potential extensions to stop the auto-playing of the GIFs. And that particular extension was updated almost 6 years back, and there is no chance it would play up on the latest browsers.

The name of the extension is Deanimator. Maybe you could also find a better extension than this one. If it is so, then please do inform us about that!

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So, these are simple ways to stop auto-playing GIFs in your web browser. If you need more help disabling animated GIFs in your browser, let us know in the comments below.


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