Tracking up the online web users is a part of your internet usage as it is meant by the modern web technologies, time to stop them with 2 firefox extensions that we are going to discuss right below.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our private data and information of the device to some extent is shared automatically to the web so as to give you more rich experience on the basis of your web transactions. Placing Ads on the devices based on the type of web usage of the user is usually done by the online services like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc through tracking up the device’s information. This could not either indulge in your any of the tasks, and the whole process of tracking is done in background which cannot be followed or stopped by the users in easy options although but still if you are not willing to exchange even small amount of your device data and information in any way and you want to ban up the web tracking then this could be done easily by using the Firefox web browser with some great Add-ons. You will have to just use add-on on your Firefox web browser so that your device won’t be tracked anymore by any online service. Here in this article, we have discussed that different Firefox add-on which you can use, go and read up the whole article to know about these!

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Stop Websites From Tracking You On Mozilla Firefox

Below we had discussed two add-ons for firefox that will help you to stop website to track you on your internet. So have a look on the complete guide below.

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#1 Disconnect

Stop Websites From Tracking You On Mozilla Firefox
Stop Websites From Tracking You On Mozilla Firefox

This is a Firefox web browser add-on meant for the only p[urpose of stopping up the websites to track you up for your web actions. Using this add-on the users can restrict up the Ads and the analytic services from the every website hence the users could be able to see only the real website content without any unwanted materials and stuff. You might be thinking that disconnect is a type of Ad blocker only but it isn’t like that as Disconnect is a tool that helps you block up the tracking of your web actions which in result could also stop up the Ads flow on the websites.

To make this Add-on get into action, you will have to install it on your Firefox browser and then after that restart your web browser. As this add-on doesn’t need any configuration to work on so it just runs automatically when the Firefox launches up. To check that this add-on is working on your browser you can confirm that through the green box with some number which appears on the extension logo inside your browser. By clicking up that icon you can also get to know some more information about the working of this add-on like you can see whether how many tracking sites have been blocked, Ads blocked, Analytics block etc. From there only you can also set up the Disconnect to block or unblock anything but note that you cannot just block everything as this tool only allows to block up the critical content and the trackers only.

Overall this is a really working module that works in such a way that users never need to look at the behaviors or the settings of this app as it automatically adjusts itself accordingly to give up the users the fittest performance and web experience without being tracked.

#2 Ghostery

Stop Websites From Tracking You On Mozilla Firefox
Stop Websites From Tracking You On Mozilla Firefox

This one is another great add-on for firefox browser that actually requires more time for setup but once it get’s installed completely then users could greatly block up the trackers from tracking your web actions and your private information. On the first launch of this add-on, you will be shown up all trackers which this tool can block potentially from tracking your web actions and you can select from there all those which you wish to block. If you are a beginner then try to block all the trackers from the list as this will help you later on when you will be wanting to remain fully private while doing web actions.

This add-on features a background panel also through which users can easily block/unblock up the Ads, social media and show up the analytics from the various trackers. This could be easily done through the toggle switch buttons for the options , therefore it is an amazing addition to working on. You can hence see what you want to in the websites and you won’t be disturbed by the unusual content as well as you may not need to worry about your web moments being traced.

In the live toolbar of this add-on, users can easily remain updated about the all new trackers and can alter up the settings for whether if they want to block these or not. The live toolbar is a great feature of this add-on which can help the users to remain protected and alert about the trackers and hence their work cannot be traced at all. You can also put up the domain names in the block list of this add-on which will just restrict up any tracker of that site no matter what preferences you have set for normal sites and this functions feels very handy to be used.

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And these were the 2 simple but very effective Firefox Add-ons that you can use to stop up the websites from tracking up your device and also some of its information. Although the tracking would be banned by using up these Add-ons on Firefox but still this isn’t sure that it would be totally stopped as some of the powerful websites and services can track some of your information. Apart from that, I found out these Add-ons to be really working and assure you that these will also help you a lot!