Need revives the ingenuity of people, and a US operator has found it in all its glory with a teenager who got them out for free and unlimited 4G data. A 17-year-old teenager from the Virginia, United States managed to bypass the 4G LTE network of T-Mobile.

This Teenager Hacked His Way to Free, Unlimited 4G Data

It is very clear that the need revives the ingenuity of people, and a US operator has found it in all its glory with a teenager who got them out for free and unlimited data. Yes, a 17-year-old teenager from the United States was able to discover something curious, as this happened when he found his mobile data getting exhausted.

Yes, now you all might be thinking that what’s interesting in this?
So, what if I say you all that now you all can consume unlimited 4G data for free. Hold on actually this is not the real point, though it may sound really interesting. The real point is that the 17-year-old teenager from the United States, known as Jacob Ajit who actually managed to hack the 4G LTE network of a leading telecom company known as T-Mobile and used unlimited data without paying a cent.

However, T-Mobile allowed Jacob Ajit to connect to its captive portal, where he was asked if he wanted to renew their prepaid plan. “I played around with this portal for a while, clicking on links and trying to escape. Some links failed, and some worked, somewhat randomly” said 17-year-old Jacob Ajit.

While Jacob Ajit checking whether the random apps would connect to the internet or not interestingly he realized that the Speedtest application (An app to evaluate the speed of your connection) is still working without any active data plan and that gave him an idea with which he managed to keep surfing on his mobile and use the data connection without paying hard earned money.

Hacked 4G Data SpeedTest
Hacked 4G Data SpeedTest

The 17-year-old teenager from the United States, Jacob Ajit stated that “I was onto something, or was I? I assumed they must be whitelisting Speedtest-affiliated servers in some way, perhaps using the official list?”.

In this test with the known tool Ookla SpeedTest Jacob told how the mobile was able to download data at 20 Mbps, demonstrating that somehow it was possible to continue to access the Internet. After connecting the phone to his Mac and use the program MITM proxy from which he managed to discover how it was actually happening.

Hence, Jacob Ajit came to know that T-Mobile was simply allowing the folders named /speedtest. So, Jacob hosted some files on his page with a folder named /speedtest and he was able to watch all the videos that he uploaded without any active data plan.

Heroku Proxy Script Tool
Heroku Proxy Script Tool

Jacob Ajit creates a proxy server on Heroku using a tool known as Glype proxy script. The idea was very simple: as he used that proxy as a homepage, through which he could enter any URL to use that configuration fault of T-Mobile and continue browsing even without data.

However, the young boy showed the problem that existed and contacted with T-Mobile to solve the problem. The solution, he says, is simple, and simply review their whitelist to disable this type of URLs. Currently there has been no response from the operator, but of course, the discovery again shows the ingenuity of some developers as well as the honesty.