15 Persons were being trafficked, among them was a seven year old boy who was also being trafficked. According to Liz Clegg, she states that the kids’s life saving text message surfaced from volunteer work, which Clegg did at Calais Jungle camp in Calias France which gives shelter to hundreds of migrants.

Text Message of a Seven Year Old Kid Saved The Lives of 15 Persons

Cleg reportedly gave away scores of mobile phones to children to help them to communicate with anyone in the event of emergency. Same was witnessed by 7 year old Afghan boy who along with 14 other migrants were being illegally shifted to secret location.

The mobile phone which the Ahmed was provided by Clegg, he used it to text Clegg with rough english, he texted “I ned halp darivar no stap car no oksijan in the car no signal iam in the cantenar. Iam no jokan valla,” states the text. However, Clegg managed to understand the broken english of the kid, which meant “I need help. The driver won’t stop the car. No oxygen in the car. No signal. I’m in a container. I am not joking, I swear to God”.

Clegg then called Tanya Freedman, who is a member of the London-based charity Help Refugees, and alerted the authorities. The police then traced the phone’s location which was highway service station in Leicestershire, England. On reaching the spot, Police stopped the truck and found 15 persons including Ahmed who were starving for oxygen.

Freedman said “It was absolutely nerve-wracking, waiting to see if the police could find this boy in time to save his life,”.

Aftermath of This Human Trafficking :

One man was found suspicious and was arrested for illegal trafficking and other were detained on suspicion of infiltrating into England illegally. Considering Ahmed’s age, authorities sent him to protective custody.

“It’s extraordinary that a seven-year-old boy knew his life was in danger and had the presence of mind to know what to do and give the right information and save himself and the others in the truck. We hope he’s getting the right kind of care.”


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