Image Credits: Prime Video

Another fantastic trailer has dropped for the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series based on Jenny Han’s book series: “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” The Summer I Turned Pretty is based on a book written by Jenny Han.

The story revolves around 16-year-old Isabel or “Belly” Conklin and takes place in the fictional beach town. “The Summer I turned Pretty” is set to premiere on June 17, 2022, only on Amazon Prime Video.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Where To Watch it Online?

"The Summer I Turned Pretty" Release Date & Time: Where To Watch it Online?
Image Credits: Prime Video

Takes your bucket of popcorn and gets ready to watch “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” which will globally premiere on Amazon Prime Video only.

The main character lives with her mom, elder brother, and her mom’s childhood best friend named Susannah, whose sons are Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly soon becomes wrapped up in a love triangle with both boys as summer passes.


It’s all the thrill of first love though sometimes fickle and unfamiliar territory. What it’s like to be in love with someone from afar for your whole life, and then suddenly that person arrives on the scene and is there within arm’s reach!

The cast includes Lola Tung as Isabel “Belly” Conklin; Gavin Casalegno as Jeremiah; Chris Briney as Conrad; Rachel Blanchard as Susannah; Jackie Chung as Laurel; Sean Kaufman as Steven; Minnie Mills.

We’ll see loyalty, courage, and above all, displays of unconditional love through twists, and turns, in “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”