There are many single people who work in metropolitan cities which is really a common thing. However, a Japanese company cares for such people and has created a virtual holographic girlfriend for them.

Single? This Company Want To Sell You A Virtual Holographic Girlfriend

Technology allows us to join with other human beings (who live far away, for example), but at the same time, it is also separating us from our true nature. Today I will show you an awesome latest product of Japanese company Vinclu, which is actually designed for the loneliest people.

Below you can see the video presentation of this product:-

Gatebox, the virtual girlfriend for the most loneliest people. Many Japanese cultures have fascinated us. So, it is quite normal since often seem from another planet. That means that some aspects may seem very interesting, while others seem to us somewhat horrible. In this case, we do not really know what to think.

As we saw in the video above, it is designed to accompany those who are singles who are tired of living alone. It also reflects that more and more we fled interpersonal relationships, and we want to always be the center of attention. Obviously, the artificial intelligence is always available (even for air conditioning, control house lights, monitor your favorite TV shows, etc).

Virtual Girlfriend
Virtual Girlfriend

Apparently, it seems like a futuristic coffeepot, but in the image of a virtual assistant who will accompany us at all times appear. There are already many virtual assistants on the market, but it seeks to offer “a bride”.

Azuma Hikari is the name of this three-dimensional hologram that “lives” within the Gatebox. They claim that it has the appearance of a 20-year-old girl and supposedly would measure 1.58 meters. There is a mobile application with which we can easily communicate with her at all times, making the situation even more surreal. For connectivity, it has WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and infrared. You can also watch your anime girlfriend on a monitor using the HDMI port present on Gatebox.

In the following video you can see a little more interaction between Azuma and her boyfriend:-

And the next you can see how you can interact with it outside the home:-

For some people maybe it is sad to live alone, but I think it’s worse to live in a lie. Currently, only 300 units were produced, which cost $2,700 (about Rs. 1,80,000). However, Azuma Hikari has her own personality and it might be possible that the company may come up with more characters in the future.