The Internet Archive has been doing wonderful jobs since its launch. It has fetched over 1,500 applications from Windows 3.1 and some of these games may bring back your childhood memories. Internet Archive collects data from the past and stores it.

Internet Archive is non profit organisation whose motto is to save access to digital content. The website features quote  “libraries exist to preserve society’s cultural artifacts and to provide access to them”. Similarly, Internet Archive is doing same for the Web.

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Besides its benefits, Internet Archive creates confusion in users to find the best game as Internet Archive hosts numerous games on its site. It will be obviously difficult for you to find best games among countless games hosted there. Checkout some best hand picked games that you will love to play.

Top 10 Best Windows 3.1 Games to Play free in Internet Browser

#1 Ski Free | Ski while avoiding rocks and trees

#2 Wheel of Fortune | Spin, spin, spin!

#3 Monopoly Deluxe | American version, sadly

#4 Bang! Bang | Like Pocket Tanks, but with cannons only

#5 SimEarth | SimCity for the entire planet

#6 Solitaire XXX | You know what Solitaire is, right?

#7 Missile Attack | The fire rises

#8 JezzBall | Who said building a wall wasn’t fun?

#9 Risk | Time to conquer the world

#10 WinTrek | Phasers! Photon torpedoes!

These 10 games are run under a fine DOSBox compiled into the web browser. Also, you will enjoy playing these nostalgic games. We hope that you loved this list, feel free to share this with your friends.


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