If you’ve just got the newest Apple or Android smartphone, it’s time to install some apps. Hopefully you got an iTunes or Google Play gift card to go with the phone. If not, don’t worry – some of these are free.

Here are some of the top apps of 2016:

Dashlane – “The #1 password manager” is available for both Android and Apple phones. It saves all of your passwords and allows you to copy and paste them when you need to so that you won’t have to type them on your phone manually. Dashlane uses encrypted codes and monitors them on a regular basis to ensure that users have a peace of mind. It also streamlines other types of data used in online forms.

Wix – If you need to edit or manage a website using your smartphone, this is a great place to start. The app comes with plenty of features, like live chat, a dedicated message center, and collaboration tools that allow you to work with your team. Read this Wix review to learn more.

7 Minute Workout – This is one of the best fitness apps available for most smartphones. It focuses on short, yet high-intensity routines to help the user lose weight and improve cardiovascular function. Unlike other fitness apps, it doesn’t ask for your weight or tracks your progress. The plus side to this is that you won’t have to feel frustrated if your weight doesn’t go down any.

Moji Maker – One of the most popular paid apps in iTunes, Moji Maker, has tons of positive reviews. There are literally hundreds – if not thousands – of combinations. Users can simply pinch to resize, layer, move, flip, etc. It’s not just smiley faces, either – there are emojis for everything from aliens to animals.

Super Mario Run – Hopefully, you’ve got an iPhone, since Super Mario Run isn’t available for Android just yet. This has been the “It” game over the past few weeks, with nearly 75,000 user ratings so far. If you do have Android, don’t worry – according to this article on IGN, pre-registration is now available.

Podcast Addict – This is the #1 podcast app available for Android. It offers most of the same podcasts as the iTunes equivalent. You can browse various categories or simply search for a podcast. Whether you want to listen to news, politics, sports, entertainment, lifestyle discussions, etc. you should find something to listen to with Podcast Addict.

Venmo – “Just Venmo me” is an increasingly popular phrase – especially among millennials. This money sending app can be linked to a checking account, debit card or credit card. Like PayPal, the payment can be stored as a Venmo balance or cashed out to a bank account.

WordPress – You can create and edit your blog on your smartphone with the WordPress app. Everything you can do with WordPress on PC, you can do on your phone: record and upload videos, participate in a guest blog service (or offer your own), make edits, respond to comments, etc.

There are also apps available for other blogging platforms, like Blogger and Tumblr. Business Insider offers some great recommendations for social media apps.


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