Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack
Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack

Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack

Today we are here with the discussion on Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack. Many of you that see the Harry Potter movie must know about the Marauder Map. It was the map in movie that shows the location of everyone in the Hogwarts. And the location tracking shown there in the movie was real time tracking that the exact location of the person was displayed in the map. Similarly this facebook trick is like that map in which you check the location of your friends. So just read out the below post to proceed.

Marauder Map Extension Of Google Chrome will now Show your Facebook friend’s Location

Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack
Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack

Track Your Friend’s Location With Facebook Hack :-

Now you can check the locations of your friends by a simple google chrome extension Marauder Map developed by a student developer from the Cambridge, MA, Aran Khanna.  This guy develop this extension to real time track all the facebook friends and it is similar to the Harry Potter movie’s Marauder Map that shows the location of all other person except the owner of map.

Facebook provides a feature by which you can check any received and sent message location and this extension grabs the same property and works perfectly on the browser to show you the map with the mapping of all your facebook friends location on it. By this anyone can tracks you if you are on messenger. You just have to install this extension in your Google Chrome browser and at this location you will see your friends mapping on the map with the extension enabled.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

There is a way that facebook had given to you by which you can stop your location sharing for that you just have to tap the arrow button on the chat screen. And other thing you can use is disable the location sharing in your devices like iphone, android and laptops etc.

So this discussion was all about Track Your Friends Location With a Facebook Hack. By this you can check where your friends is currently and reveals their secret places too and lots of more which you think better than me with the help of this cool extension by Aran Khanna. Hope you like the discussion, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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