Ubuntu Phones Will Soon Run Android Apps!
Ubuntu Phones Will Soon Run Android Apps!

What if I say you all that now you can run all your favourite Android applications on your Ubuntu smartphone, yes, it may sound odd but it is true. Smartphone users with the Ubuntu Touch OS as reported by Softpedia in the near future seem to be able to install Android applications on their device.

Ubuntu Phones Will Soon Run Android Apps!

A couple of days ago a new update for Smartphones with Ubuntu operating system was launched, but UBports guys have been in a hurry to publish a new ad that has surprised the entire user community. Apparently, very soon, all users who have a smartphone with the Ubuntu operating system can use the applications and games of Android devices.

Yes, you heard it right, smartphone users with the Ubuntu Touch platform as reported by Softpedia in the near future seem to be able to install Android applications on their device. Like the open-source Android-in-a-Box (Anbox) project previously applied to the Linux OS for desktop, the Android app that the user installs will run in a virtual box called container.

Unlike the Android app that runs on BB10 OS, on this OS the app will only run inside an isolated container that is separate from the operating system as a whole.

As we told that Anbox is an open source project that will allow Linux users (and Ubuntu is, after all, one of the most popular distributions of Linux ) to run applications designed for Android. Think of Anbox as a kind of emulator. Well, the UBports guys have discovered how to install Anbox in the mobile operating system of Smartphones with Ubuntu.

Anbox will arrive in a matter of weeks

One of UBPort’s top Ubuntu Touch developers named Dalton Durst said, “Many people rely on certain apps that are unfortunately not currently available in Ubuntu Touch. In order for these platforms to feature rich features and can be a popular mobile operating system, Ubuntu Touch considers the presence of support services as something important, at least until there are other free and open alternatives that are far more appropriate to replace it. ”

Moreover, Dalton Durst also added that “users have begun to depend on several applications that are not available in the Ubuntu Touch operating system. For this reason, and to make this operating system complete and practical for users, Ubuntu Touch needs to offer them the services they need, at least until new, free and open source alternatives appear.”

The UBports guys are working hard on the development of Anbox for Ubuntu, and have promised that they will distribute the first version of Anbox in the Ubuntu Touch operating system within a couple of weeks, which means that users of Ubuntu Smartphones will be able to use your favourite Android apps in very little time.

Of course, keep in mind that Anbox works like an emulator, that these applications will be available to users, but in a way isolated from the rest of the operating system. Even so, it is great news for users of Ubuntu Smartphones.

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