Untrust a Computer on your iPhone or iPad
Untrust a Computer on your iPhone or iPad

Let’s have a look at the method to “Untrust” a Computer on your iPhone or iPad using the inbuilt setting so that no one else can access your device directly by connecting USB. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n very first use when you try to connect your iPhone or iPad with any computer this asks you if you wish to trust that pc or not. If you have selected to trust that computer then this is exactly imprinted into the phone memory and will remain the same every time until you undo it. That particular PC will be able to avail the access to the iPhone or iPad device and hence get the access to all of the information inside it. This could become a problem for you sometimes as you would not like to make any computer device remain trusted forever. Now what the users must do is that they should untrust the computer in case if it is not their own. Seeking might end up nothing in the settings of the iOS for the non-familiar people. We know about this thing that users could find difficulty to untrust the PC on the iPad or the iPhone. Considering this we have written about the method in this article by which the users could be able to untrust any attached or trusted computing device on their computer. If you are still reading on the page then this means that you are also looking for the same method. You were interested in this topic or willing to know about the method you could know it, you will just have to read the main part of this article given below. So let’s start to read about the topic and know the method!

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How to “Untrust” a Computer on your iPhone or iPad

The method is quite simple and easy and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide that we had discussed right below to proceed, Let’s start with the step by step guide so that we can implement this.

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Steps to “Untrust” a Computer on your iPhone or iPad:

#1 First of all, go to the Settings inside the iOS and then under the preferences head to the General section. Again under the General section of the settings go to the Reset option. Under there, an option named ” Reset Location & Privacy” will be there. This will do two different things, one is that the custom location settings will be deleted from your device and no saved location details will be there. Another thing is that Privacy settings for the device will also be deleted.

Untrust a Computer on your iPhone or iPad
Untrust a Computer on your iPhone or iPad

#2 Apart from these changes, there will be one more alterations to the memory of your iPad or iPhone, all of the Trusted computers will be removed from the list and there will be no computer left that could join the device automatically. Note that the changes so made will not be reversible and you will never be able to get your data erased back.

#3 This was the simplest method that is hidden in the general settings of the device and probably this is the reason why many people face issues to untrust the computer device on iOS. This is all about the method!

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Finally, you have got to know about the method in this article by which anyone could be able to untrust the computer on the iPhone or iPad. This is by far the most necessary method that everyone should be knowing. Also as you have read this method in the post you have got to know that it is amazingly simple to implement it and make it into action. We believe that you might have liked the data on this page if it is really so then please support and share this post with others. Also if you have any queries, opinions or the suggestions then you can share with us by using the comments section below. At last nevertheless thank you for reading this post and we will be waiting for your comments so that we can get to know what issues you are facing with the guides and the techviral team will be always there to assist you in your issues.


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