Let’s have a look at the method to Use iOS 11 New File Manager on your iPhone that is now there with some amazing feature that you need to try out in your iOS device, as in this guide I have listed all the features that you should know. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pple has made a new file browser for its devices and this all-new file manager is inserted inside the iOS 11. After a lot of time, the users of the iOS would be granted the access to the better and the highly advanced file browser for which they were demanding for years. Through the user’s reviews, it has been recognized that now the File Manager for the iOS is finally a great app to surf through the media and the files, while it is also considered now to be the most advanced and tech sleek management app. For those who have bought the new iOS 11 device or those who have just updated their OS to this latest version, it would be difficult for them somehow to manage the files over the all-new file manager. They would be wondering how to utilize this app and hence surf through the available files and data conveniently. Also, they might be finding the way to get the experience of new features by using them up. Here in this article, we have written about the usage of the new File Manager App for the iPhone running iOS 11. In case if you are looking for the guidance to let you know about the whole working and structure of this app then please go and read out this article, you should get to know about all those things!

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How to Use iOS 11 New File Manager on your iPhone

Actually, there is no such method to help you make use of this new File Manager on the iOS 11, there are a certain number of functions inside it which we would be describing to some extent:

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#1 Sort The Items

There is an option named Sort placed on the top of this new File Manager for the iPhone that lets you see the files with the descending or ascending name, size, date modified etc. This helps to easily go through certain types of files that you are looking for inside this app. This simple option makes it extremely quick to manage the placement of the files accordingly to some definition. Just tap on this option and then under it select the type of sorting you wish and boom! It would take place immediately.

Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone
Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone

#2 Change the View

The type of the view definitely changes the way how you get to manage your files inside the File Manager. Let’s talk if you have your file manager set to show really big sized icons then it is all set that you would get to see only a few items on the screen. In next case, if you would set the view to show a large number of files on the screen then it could become hard for you to recognize any particular file but would become easy to select the number of files.There is an icon or the option set inside the new file manager for the iOS 11 through which the files could be set to be seen in list or grid view.

Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone
Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone

#3 Select Multiple Files

It is simply quick to select the multiple files inside this all-new file manager of the iPhone. You just have got the multiple select buttons through which the number of files could be easily selected by tapping on them simultaneously. Moving of the files through drag and drop is also available inside this file manager. Both these things make it extremely quick to delete, copy, paste and move the files anywhere from inside the file manager.

Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone
Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone

#4 iCloud Management

Through this file manager, all the folders and the files inside the iCloud could be easily managed in the same way as the other files on the device storage are handled. For those who store tons of files on the cloud, this options and the features could make it immensely easier to play up with the files inside it.

Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone
Use iOS 11s New File Manager on Your iPhone

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So you know the iOS 11 is now introduced with the all-new File Manager and there are lots of functions added to it, and there are huge changes in the UI of this most useful system app. You have to go through this app thoroughly so as to get familiar with all the new features and the functions inside it. As you have got that the way to use the app is really easy so it could be easier for any beginner to grasp the hold on this app. We hope that you would like this article and the whole information provided here in this article, if it is so then please do like this article. Also, share this article with as many people as you could so that the others would also gain the knowledge about the information insisted here. We would appreciate if you shall comment with your opinions and the suggestions regarding this post and the method, please use the comments section for the same!


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