Download WA Tweaks APK
Download WA Tweaks APK

WA Tweaks Latest App is a WhatsApp mod which enables all the hidden feature of the official WhatsApp app. This mod helps you to enable the hidden features of official WhatsApp applications. For example, you can add a GIF tab which will add new Emoji to your WhatsApp app.

Download WA Tweaks APK Latest Version For Free

Let’s roll back to the year 2008, the craze of the SMS text message was on the rise. Telecom operators are usually found storming some massive prices for SMS plans. However, the use of the traditional SMS text message is slowly decreasing with the burst of the popular, easy-to-use messaging app. People are now loving WhatsApp, Telegram, Send, Line, and all other instant messaging more compared to the traditional SMS text.

If we take a look at Android’s Google Play Store, the competition in the instant messaging app section is pretty high because several tech giants like Google, Facebook, etc already have their own instant messaging platform known as Google Allo, Messenger & WhatsApp.

Talking about WhatsApp, the instant messaging app was gradually loved by millions of users worldwide due to the benefits it offers. It would be fair to say that we certainly depend on the use of these instant messaging platforms and we use them numerous times in a day.

However, all of those instant messaging apps come with some sort of restrictions that don’t allow users to enjoy the maximum potential of the app. If we take a look at some of the recent articles shared on Techviral, you will find that developers are now more focused on developing a modded version of popular apps instead of creating something unique.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide you another modded version of WhatsApp which is known as WA Tweaks Apk. This mod basically enables all the hidden features of the official WhatsApp app. So, let’s explore more about Wa Tweaks Apk.

What Is Wa Tweaks APK?

As we already know, developers are coming up with a more and more advanced versions of official apps that are already available on Google Play Store. Normally, this advanced version of the app comes with several benefits that go mission in the official apps. So, Wa Tweaks Apk is another mod available for WhatsApp that eventually enables all the hidden features of WhatsApp.

Like the name of the app says, WA Tweaks can help you do many tweaks on your WhatsApp. For example, there are some features available in the beta version of the official WhatsApp app, however, a beta version of WhatsApp is only available to beta testers. So, in this case, you can enjoy all those benefits in Wa Tweaks Apk.

Basically, Wa Tweak helps you to enable the hidden features of official WhatsApp applications. For example, you can add a GIF tab which will add new Emoji to your WhatsApp app. This mini tool features lots of options that can help you to fully customize your WhatsApp application in just a few taps.


Now that we have discussed a lot about Wa Tweaks Apk, it’s time to know some of the awesome features that the app provides. As we already know, the app can help you do many tweaks on your WhatsApp like availing the feature that is right now in testing mode on a beta version of the official WhatsApp app. Apart from these, the app also houses lots of other features that are going to discuss below.

  • The latest version of WA Tweaks comes with an x-posed tweak that enables the group admin tools. The group admin tools provide some handy features that help to manage the group.
  • WA Tweaks apk latest version adds iOS 10 emoji pack for x-posed customization and comes with lots of bug fixes.
  • With the help of WA Tweaks, you can easily bypass the expiration date of the official WhatsApp for Android app.
  • The official WhatsApp app for Android comes with several restrictions on sharing media files. However, WA Tweaks allows a user to send unlimited media from WhatsApp Gallery
  • Easily Enable the show push name that means if enabled wills how to show a Toast whenever you receive a message with the “push Name” of the person who sends it.
  • With the help of WA Tweaks you can backup and restore chats and database easily
  • One of the most interesting features that WA Tweaks offers is that it allows a user to send zip, apk, Exe files from WhatsApp
  • Normally, WhatsApp decreases the image quality before sending it. However, WA Tweaks allows you to send image files without compressing.

Steps To Download & Install WA Tweaks On Android

Finally, we are now in the download section of the article. So, now that you have made your mind to enjoy this awesome app on your Android smartphone, it’s time to know the requirements. Well, you need to have a rooted Android smartphone to enjoy WA Tweaks on your Android.

Step 1. First of all, visit Apkmirror and Search for “WA Tweaks Apk”.

Step 2. Once downloaded, you need to enable unknown sources from your Android settings. For that, head to the Settings > Security > Unknown sources and enable it.

Step 3. Now you need to locate the folder where you have saved WA Tweaks, simply install the app normally.

WA Tweaks

Step 4. Once installed, open the app and it will as you to grant the root permission. Simply, tap on ‘Grant‘ to continue.

Start WA Tweaks

Step 5. Now on the main interface of the app, you will see the list of features which you can enable in WhatsApp. Here you need to enable all the features which you want.

WA Tweaks Options

Step 6. You can swipe the menu from the left to open more settings like Xposed Tweaks, Customize WhatsApp, etc.

WA Tweaks Features

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can download and install WA Tweaks Latest Version Apk on your Android smartphone. If you are facing a problem at any of the mentioned steps, then make sure to discuss it with us in the comment.

So, this article is all about WA Tweaks and its features. WA Tweaks apk is one of the best Android apps which you can use if you want to enjoy some extended benefits of the official WhatsApp app. So, overall, WA Tweaks is a must-have app for any Android users who are looking to sort out some of the restrictions implemented by WhatsApp in its app.

In this article, we have provided the download link to the Latest version of WA Tweaks, make sure to download the apk file from a trusted source like us. If you are facing any issue while installing or using the app, then make sure to discuss it with us in the comment box below. Hope this article helped you share it with your friends and relatives.


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