How to Download YouTube Videos Easily with a Simple URL Edit
How to Download YouTube Videos Easily with a Simple URL Edit

We are going to share a trick by which you can download any youtube videos easily. The trick is short and simple, All you need is an Youtube account to download youtube videos.

Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine and you know that very well, beating its competitor Bing and yahoo. Youtube is the world’s largest video storage site and it contains such numbers of videos that are inconceivable.

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We use Youtube for fun, learn and explore many tricks, downloading Youtube videos is one of the best way to have your favourite videos on your computer because of its vast sources, there are many options available in the internet to download youtube videos, there are few software which used to download youtube videos, moreover, there are some web services too, offering the option to download youtube videos.

But what if I tell you that the old tricks of downloading youtube videos were just a headache? In the busy world, no one had enough time to open the app and download the videos. So today I am going to share an awesome trick or I can say an effortless way to download youtube videos. I guess many of you don’t know about this feature.

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How to Download YouTube Videos Easily with a Simple URL Edit

The trick was short and you don’t need to access any web service or app for downloading youtube videos. I bet it will be a fun way to download youtube videos that’s too in your desired format. So let’s know the trick

How to download Youtube videos with no efforts

Step 1. You need to Login with your Gmail account, and go to, You need to perform a video search now, Search your desired video that you want to download.

youtube 1

Step 2. Just select the video you want to download and open it. Wait for the video to buffer a little. The reason why I am asking you to wait few seconds is because sometimes the youtube seems to follow up old videos that you have played recently.

youtube 2

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Step 3. You just Need to add a simple ‘ss‘ in the URL after www and before YouTube to download YouTube videos effortlessly. For example, “” you just need to add ‘ss‘ which will look like “”

youtube 3

Step 4. You will be automatically redirected to a new page and you will see the options to download Youtube videos in your preferred format. Just select the format and hit the download button. By this way, you can also download Youtube videos from IDM with maximum speed available.

youtube 4

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This was the most effortless way by far that gives us the benefit of downloading youtube videos without any a headache. You can also download the videos in MP3 Format. As Youtube is improving day by day, we will shortly share more youtube tricks. till then download videos in the most effortless way.