WhatsApp is most popular mobile messaging service in the world. It recently achieved its milestone of having nearly 1 Billion users. However, it has became target of new scam. If you use WhatsApp, then it is necessary for you to read this whole thread.

It has been reported that WhatsApp has been hit by new scam which misleads the users into revealing their personal data. According to a report from BT, the links which looks like it is sent by some of your friends which lures users to a offer page and then asks for personal information.

WhatsApp Becomes Target of New Scam

Scammers are luring users with messages containing malicious links which looks like integrated into a current conversation thread. The message displays text like “Look” and after that the malicious link is displayed.

Many WhatsApp users ignorantly clicks on these malicious links which then redirects them to fraud website which is displaying huge discounts coupons in the name of popular shopping sites. After that users are asked to register themselves by giving their email, mobile number and residential address. The malicious message displays that you will only get coupon after you forward this message to 10 contacts so that their friends can also avail this offer. It is displaying discounts like get £5 OFF on shopping sites.

How to protect yourself from this Scam ?

If you receive below messages, just neglect them.

  • The Message which  includes instructions to forward the message and only you will get his offer.
  • The Message displaying that you can avoid punishment, account suspension, if you forward the message to your contacts.
  • The Message claiming a reward offer.

This malicious messages on WhatsApp is still actively circulating. It displays different languages, in order to get great response in deceiving the users.

WhatsApp has now 1 Billion users. With Rise and fame of popular mobile messaging app, it has now became a major target for scammers to spread their malicious propaganda. We advise you not to get lured by these fake offers. Although, you have to just ignore their  messages in order to protect yourself from scammers. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends and create awareness about this new scam.