We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows operating system clearly rules the desktop segment, but, apart from all these if we talk about the other sectors then it is clearly visible that Linux dominates the world.

Windows Rules The Desktop, But Linux Dominates The World

At a time when the debate over the choice of Windows or Linux is heating up again, given that there are rumors about the possibility of the city of Munich abandoning Linux and returning to Windows, which sounds really curious.

The decision that the city of Munich took ten years ago was historic and courageous. As it abandons Windows and adopts only Linux and all open-source software. However, after these consecutive years, it seems that everything can change back to Windows, specifically for Windows 10.

According to an analyst, Ranger from ZDNet channel, “It is clearly not known yet the possible causes for this change of plans, but he knows that in Desktop Linux is still fragile, with only 2% of the market (and that it remains very complex and obscure for users), While Windows is around 91%”. Although every year it is said that “this will be the year of Linux” the truth is that this never happened.

Linux dominates the world

However, if “Windows dominates the Desktop and Linux dominates the world”! Steve Ranger recalls that it has clearly gained the “war” on smartphones, the cloud and the Internet segment of Things. While on the other hand if we notice then it is clearly visible that the tech giant Microsoft itself has focused heavily on its Azure platform which is based on it.

In the area of supercomputers, Tianhe-2 is also the most powerful and uses Linux! So, it is briefly clear that in this segment, Windows has no chance.

Steve Ranger also stresses that Linux is imperative to computing world, hence it is the system that dominates the world. So the case of the city of Munich is important to the Linux world, but it is not relevant.

So, what you think about this, does Linux is winning, in a few discreet ways, the computer war? Simply, share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: ZDNet


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