InShortViral: Yahoo has been sued by its ex employee for gender discrimination.

Former employee of Yahoo namely Gregory Anderson filed case against Yahoo on Monday. He claimed that Yahoo imposed anti male discriminatory practices and also did biased employee rating system in its employment rule.

Yahoo Sued over anti-male discrimination

Gregory Anderson filed case against Yahoo in federal district in San Jose California two days ago. He also stated that he was fired from Job without any reason. He said Yahoo did gender discrimination and it has vexed employee ranking system. He also said that his supervisors gave more preference to women.

Gregory Anderson was editorial director of Yahoo Autos, Homes, Shopping, Small Business. and Travel Sections before he was fired from his job.

Anderson’s complained stated that between 2012 and 2015, Yahoo decreases its work force by more than 30 percent to fewer than 11,000 employees, which usually comprises of mass layoff, which needs 60 Day notice under federal law.

The lawsuit was first reported by The New York Times, comes at  time when employee ranking systems are under growing inspection.

This show’s Yahoo’s is clearly doing gender discrimination. Ex Employee of Yahoo disclosed that Yahoo Supervisors gave more preference to women. He also said he was fired from his job without any apparent cause.