youtube alternatives 2018 unblocked
youtube alternatives 2018 unblocked

Let’s have a look at Best Youtube Alternatives 2018: Best Video Sharing Websites that we have selected one the research basis and you will surely love to try as there you will find some more features conveniently. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Youtube is undoubtedly the best place for those who are looking to watch the best videos shared by the people throughout the world. Apart from viewing videos alone, the serious geeks do have the support to share their creations with the tons of traffic so as to grasp more of attention. For many other reasons, the Youtube is an excellent place. But certainly for some of the people the youtube could be no great option to share their videos, there could be many reasons yet we are not to discuss that here. Now what could be done if the user is not liking the Youtube for sharing the video sharing, is there any other video sharing websites? Yes, there are definitely great other websites that the users could utilize to share their great video creations. These websites are almost equally best compared to the youtube, the only difference is that the videos are displayed on the user end in an alternate way. This raises the chances of getting the attention of the better crowd, sometimes other different platforms focus on the certain category of videos. Now if you are interested to know about the best alternatives for the youtube then please keep logged to this page and read up the information up to the end. We have listed about all of those best video sharing websites apart from the youtube. Let’s get started and hence have the look on the list!

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Best Youtube Alternatives 2018: Best Video Sharing Websites

There are billions of users who spend time on Youtube to watch the latest music video, movies and much more. Nowadays, a video is such an immense part of the online experience that there are many options available. So, here we are going to share 10 best alternatives to YouTube.

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#1 Vimeo – Best Youtube Alternatives Unblocked

youtube unblocked
youtube unblocked

Vimeo was founded by a group of filmmakers who wanted to share their creative work and personal moments from their lives. As time went on, like-minded people discovered Vimeo and helped build a supportive community of individuals with a wide range of passions. Today, millions of people from all around the world enjoy Vimeo. The best part is this site is growing day by day.

Vimeo is well known for featuring top movies as well as television series. The website is easy to use and every video is listed on the basis of channel and category.

#2 Metacafe – youtube alternative app

youtube alternative app
youtube alternative app

This is another best alternative to YouTube. Metacafe is known to showcase the best short-form videos from the world of Movies, Video Games, TV, Music, and Sports. The homepage of the website is framed in a good manner for providing better browsing experience to users.

#3 The Internet Archive – youtube alternative app iphone

youtube alternative app iphone
youtube alternative app iphone

The Internet Archive is the huge web-based library where you can find free contents like books, music, software, and videos. The movie library contains digital movies uploaded by Archive users which range from classic full-length films to daily alternative news broadcasts.

This is another best alternative to YouTube to find all the videos you are looking for.

#4 Dailymotion – Best Youtube Alternatives 2018

Best Youtube Alternatives 2018
Best Youtube Alternatives 2018

Dailymotion is yet another popular YouTube alternative which attracts 300 million users from around the world, who watch 3.5 billion videos on its player each month. You can discover the video content you love from around the world in Dailymotion.

Just like YouTube, Dailymotion also has a trending video section on the homepage which lets you watch the most trending videos around the world.

#5 Veoh – youtube alternative for creators

youtube alternative for creators

This is another best alternative to YouTube where you can get to watch the full list of videos of the TV series and the Movies. Veoh is a US based channel. This site also comprises lots of music content which relates to the wide range of genres all across the web.

#6 Vevo – Best Video Sharing Websites 2018

Best Video Sharing Websites 2018
Best Video Sharing Websites 2018

This is one of the most popular sites where you can watch music videos. Not only these, you can bookmark Vevo as a favorite streaming site because it supplies music videos at your fingertips. In Vevo, you can only find content that is available in High-definition. The website features an easy to use interface.

#7 Twitch – Twitch Alternatives 2018

Twitch Alternatives 2018

If you love to watch gaming videos, Twitch will be the perfect choice for you. This streaming service started out as a concept. However, it became popular in no-time. In twitch, you can view live broadcasted videos.

#8 9Gag TV

9Gag TV
9Gag TV – Youtube Alternatives

9Gag TV usually has the good number of followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you are searching for various GIFs, memes, and funny videos. 9Gag TV is the best option for you. The site is based on Pure entertainment. However, the site contents some age restricted videos. So, kids are recommended to stay away from it.

#9 Flickr

Flickr Best Video Sharing Websites 2018

Flickr website is mostly used for hosting images. However, you will find lots of videos on the site. Flickr also lets users upload and share videos to the public. Users just need to sign up for a free account to start uploading the videos. Users can also upload HD videos too.

alternatives to youtube 2018 is one of the popular sources to find high-quality videos. The interface of the website is really very clean and it provides an awesome browsing experience. You will find categories on the site ranging from comedy, drama, movies, entertainment and much more.

#11 DTube

DTube (Youtube Alternatives 2018: Best Video Sharing Websites 2018)
DTube (Youtube Alternatives 2018: Best Video Sharing Websites 2018)

Dtube is another best video streaming site that was recently launched. Dtube uses the Steem blockchain to maintain records and users don’t have to make initial deposits. Not only these, DTube also rewards you with Steem crypto-currency rewards for uploading video. The another best thing about DTube is that it doesn’t show you ads.

#12 IGTV – youtube substitute website

youtube substitute website
youtube substitute website

Instagram TV is another best YouTube alternative which you can use to watch videos. The video platform contains vertical, long-form videos that have been created to watch especially on smartphones. However, in order to watch videos, you need to install the IGTV app. You can also sign up with your Instagram account to see videos shared by your friends.

#13 Crackle – youtube substitute website 2018

alternatives to youtube
alternatives to youtube

Cracker by Sony Picture Entertainment is another best YouTube alternative from where you can access thousands of original video content. The best thing about Crackle is that its houses lots of original TV shows, Hollywood movies. In fact, users treat this site as their online TV channel to watch endless hours of video content.

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#14 PeerTube

alternatives to youtube
alternatives to youtube

Peertube is one of the new and best video sharing platforms which is based on Peer to Peer. That means the video sharing platform is similar to the BitTorrent where anyone can share their own videos. Talking about PeerTube, the site have a very clean and simple interface, and it doesn’t show any ads. To make things easier, the site has a Trending and Recently added section.

#15 The Open Video Project

alternatives to youtube
alternatives to youtube

Well, The Open Video Project is one of the oldest sites which you can visit today. The site was launched in 1998, and it’s basically a digital library which has around 195 video segments. Well, don’t expect any regular videos on the platform, because the site is solely known for its educational documentaries. So yes, it’s another best YouTube alternative which you can visit right now.

We are at the ending of this article and till here we have finally provided you with the list of all the best video sharing websites for 2017. If you don’t like youtube then this is not an issue, you know that there are many other best alternatives for the same available. We had made the list after a lot of surveys and hope that you would also find it up the best. Take a look at all of the available video sharing websites and after you review it just let us know about your opinions and suggestions regarding it. For that please go and utilize the comments section below. Also, share the post with others if you like it really, your initiative would help our work reach most of the people!


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