YouTube Is Serious About The Ban of Hacking Tutorials
YouTube Is Serious About The Ban of Hacking Tutorials

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year YouTube added the phishing and hacking tutorials into the “banned list.” This means that no tutorial regarding the hacking or phishing will be allowed to be posted on the platform. This strict rule from YouTube has raised certain eyebrows and the teachers who make such tutorials are threatened right now. The crack down on an ethical white hat hacking channel has lead to all these circumstances.

YouTube Is Serious About The Ban of Hacking Tutorials

Kody Kenzie is the founder of a channel named Hacker Interchange. Last week they have published a video of lighting fireworks with the help of Wi-Fi. Sadly, YouTube removed that from the platform altogether.

He publishes videos under the name of Cyber Exchange Lab and now he is no longer able to upload his videos on the channel. YouTube has flagged his channel and mentioned content strike. Kinzie and some other tutors who are running the tutorials on YouTube are in a shock due to this new decision of YouTube. They have stated that this is an extremely dangerous step. The students from the Computer Science department had a great opportunity to learn certain aspects from YouTube and now this new decision won’t let them learned the things that they are interested in.

People can use hacking for illegal activities but completely hacking isn’t illegal. There at times when hacking has proved how useful it is. There are legitimate researchers out there who practice hacking. It is still unclear on how long this ban will be there but according to the archives on the internet it has been on books from April 5th,2019. According to the YouTube rules, any content that is educational can be on the platform. But there is some ambiguity regarding the same and hence Cyber Exchange Lab has been banned.


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