InShort Viral: In this topic, we will be discussing the importance of having a special password and how can we protect our data and information from hackers by using strong passwords.

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eople are still using their passwords as ‘123456 and ‘password’ respectively, even after many cyber attacks. As we know that passwords are the priority of defense against hackers. But the hackers are getting more tricky with the each passing day.

It suggests that Internet users don’t have such strong memory to remember Alphanumeric passwords or they are not concerned about their security. The year 2015 has witnessed many cyber attacks which include data breaches and hacking. Despite many cyber attacks, internet users are still using their passwords like 123456 and ‘password’ in North America and Western Europe, according to SplashData’s yearly “Worst Password” ranking. Splash Data’s research also revealed that many people are still using dumb passwords like 123456, ‘password,’ football, cricket, etc.

SplashData, the company which develops password management software and its report is compiled from millions of passwords leaked throughout the year. The report also disclosed that people use sports and movie names as their passwords because they are easy to remember.

The SplashData’s chief said in a statement that they have witnessed many people are putting their efforts to be more secure by adding special characters with their passwords. But some passwords that are very simple can put you at risk. The risk is similar to having your identity stolen by hackers.

The record of passwords based on their popularity and rankings in 2014

Rank Password Change from 2014
1. 123456 Unchanged
2. password Unchanged
3. 12345678 Up 1
4. qwerty Up 1
5. 12345 Down 2
6. 123456789 Unchanged
7. football Up 3
8. 1234 Down 1
9. 1234567 Up 2
10. baseball Down 2


Movies play a vital role for some Internet users in deciding their passwords. The report further reveals that newly released movies like “Star Wars and “The Force Awakens” has led many users to set their password as “Princess,” “Star Wars” “solo” etc.

Why should you change your password if you are using a simple password?

As discussed above the cyber attacks and the passwords set by many users that they can easily remember, but they are giving hackers a chance to hack their passwords. Cyber crimes are increasing day by day, and many users are failing to realize the importance is having strong Passwords. To set a good password, it should include at least 12 characters with a combination of upper and lower case letters, special characters, numbers.

In some cases, you need to set short password because of limit, in that case, you can set a strong alphanumeric password like [email protected] or any other according to your desire. Don’t keep your password simple, even if it has 12 characters, but keep in mind to use special characters and numbers and lower, upper case letters to surf the internet efficiently and safely.