Recently, Forbes published its list of Highest-Paid YouTube stars, in which the eighth person who earns the most money on YouTube is a six-year-old child. As the kid simply tries all kinds of toys on his YouTube channel. Something that has been surrounded by controversies.

This 6-Year-Old Makes $11 Million A Year On YouTube

The eighth person who earns the most money on YouTube is a six-year-old child. His name is Ryan and he tries all kinds of toys on his YouTube channel. Something that has been surrounded by controversies.

YouTube has not only proven to be a platform on which we can spend whole days. For a good group of creators, it has become a way of living, on their income track. And we do not just talk about small amounts because some YouTubers manage to deposit millions of dollars in their bank accounts.

Forbes writes its own list of YouTubers that earn more money thanks to the platform who revealed the list to the public. As it seems that PewDiePie has become old now, one of the most successful creators of the network. But the tie in eighth place is surprising because the cause is a six-year-old child. Yes, you read it well, a six-year-old child.

The eighth highest paid YouTuber is a child

Ryan began his journey with a simple video, in which he plays with a train of Lego Duplo. At that time he was not very successful, according to a TubeFilter interview. Months later, when they realized the success they were beginning to have, their parents stopped working to focus on the channel full time.

Now Ryan ToysReview has 17,000 million views among all its videos. His most viewed video has a whopping 1,000 million views. And all the videos are of Ryan playing. The toys may be different, but they are all from one child testing them.

According to Forbes, Ryan has managed to earn a whopping 11 million dollars in a year, before taxes and other costs. Forbes has based on data from YouTube, Social Blade and Captiv8 to obtain the figures, as well as consulting different people within the industry.

New controversy: videos with child exploitation?

This news comes a month after a new controversy has jumped on YouTube. Advertisers are retiring because of the little control that the tech giant Google exerts over its platform. But they do not do it because of the hate content.

According to BuzzFeed News, a month ago, on YouTube, there were disturbing and exploitative videos dedicated to children, and with children as actors. In these videos, the children, acting, appear in compromising, predatory and even repulsive situations. Children tied with electrical tape, crying, or even simulating a kidnapping or playing “being a doctor” with an adult. And the comments on the videos were not cut either.

These videos reached millions of visits until, when leaving in the media, YouTube decided to eliminate them. The advertisers who saw their ads appear next to these videos without any control have decided to retire – again – from the platform. Since then, YouTube claims to have eliminated more than 50 channels under these themes.

However, none of the old videos from Ryan ToysReview allows comments. But. the new ones allow them, but they do not have any, in spite of having millions of visits; they seem to have moderation activated and not approve any comments. Perhaps it is for this very reason: to avoid the appearance of undesirables that make themselves noticed, and the announcements of the channel are withdrawn.

Moving away from the controversy, and in any case, this channel of a child trying toys without stopping has managed to make a whopping 11 million dollars in a year. The eighth person who has achieved the most from YouTube is a 6-year-old boy. It makes us wonder if we have all made a mistake in life.

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