This Man Calmly Destroys iPhones And MacBooks On Display In Apple Store
This Man Calmly Destroys iPhones And MacBooks On Display In Apple Store

There seems to be some other Apple customer that is not too happy with the overall company and is breaking products in the Apple Store. Yes, sounds pretty weird, so, today in this post we will show you the video proof where you can see an individual trashing iPhones and Apple’s devices in Apple Store.

This Man Calmly Destroys iPhones And MacBooks On Display In Apple Store

It is true that many times users often do not leave the customer service happily, and here is something happens with this madman when he didn’t get any satisfactory customer support from the Apple’s customer care.

It was last Thursday that a man entered an Apple store in Dijon, France, and for no apparent reason the man began to destroy the various devices and little later it was exposed that the madman was using a metal sphere. The man who should have about 30 years, has not yet been identified.

The vast majority of the affected products were the iPhones, but the madman also destroyed a MacBook that was in the exhibition booth with a blow of punch.

According to the reports, the man who came on Thursday at an Apple store is an unhappy customer of the Cupertino company. The moment was recorded by several people and when he was asked by the people who were present at that moment, the madman replied that the tech giant Apple had violated the right of European consumers, hence, he was destroying the devices.

Here is what this mad stated “Apple is a company that ‘violated’ European Consumers’ rights. They refused to reimburse me, I Told Them: ‘Give me my money back.’ They said no. So you know what’s happening? This is happening!”.

Here is the video that was posted on YouTube showing that how this madman destroying all the iPhones and even also trying to escape the security guards:-

It is also known that the man was detained by the security and later he was handed over to the police to make the assessment of the case. It is estimated that the damage from reaching thousands of euros. However, the police still not confirmed the exact reason or what have led the individual to do so.