The tech giant Microsoft has made fun of the tech giant Apple in a new and witty ad. Apple claims that its iPad Pro is a real computer. If we have a brief and clear look at the devices offered by the both tech giants then at the moment we can easily distinguish that Microsoft Surface is a real computer at present.

Microsoft Just Made Fun Of Apple In Its New Ad

In summer time no one leads to evil and certainly the tech giant Apple aimed a playful advertising produced by the tech giant Microsoft and this playful advertising “attack” reveals something irritation of Apple towards Microsoft. Even Tim Cook the CEO of Apple poked fun at the tech giant Microsoft’s Surface tablet and called it “a fairly compromised, confusing product”.

The fun of the fact that Apple says the iPad Pro was a “real computer” and the tech giant Microsoft criticizes Apple for lack of this iPad does not run any desktop apps or support USB devices. The Surface is that it is indeed a real computer, the tech giant Microsoft said.

If we step back to 2012, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, criticized Microsoft Surface nicknaming it the “very compromised and confusing product”, but it may be possible that many of you may not remember this crisp words of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook against the tech giant Microsoft.

At the same time, other officials illustrious Apple enjoyed the fact that the tablet Surface to have a physical keyboard, they said at the time it was like having “a toaster with a refrigerator.” Well … things have changed over time, right?

Now Apple seems to be interested in the same concept and has made a great effort to sell the iPad Pro. The effort has been such that even want to trample the Macbook concept stating that for those who want mobility and computing power, so, for them the iPad Pro is the solution .

In a video advertising, Apple tries to communicate with the most basic experiences of use, as if the people at the present time only realized the message “with drawings.” A video of a little child is to echo in this world.

However, the tech giant Microsoft did not miss the opportunity to enjoy with its American counterpart and a new advertising presents what in fact believed to be the solution that the tech giant Apple wants to proclaim.

If you want really a computer with attributes of high mobility, with a physical keyboard, support for desktop applications and allows you to use UBS doors. Then it is very clear that visible that Microsoft Surface will be the perfect choice for you according to this criteria.

At present, the tech giant Apple is frowned upon the weak commitment to update the true line of desktops and laptops and now wanting to “foist” a tablet to anyone who actually want a computer.