We all know that Opera is well-known for its web browser and now it has extended its range of offers to other applications. Hence, recently it added an extraordinary feature to its Opera Max app.

Opera Max Just Got A Powerful New Feature

Opera is well-known for its web browser, and now it has extended its range of offers to other applications, always turned and dedicated to the Internet.

Opera Max, a VPN that the company offers, has grown and is breaking records of use, with more and more users. To celebrate these new numbers, Opera has now given it a VIP mode and opened it for everyone.

Opera Max is a free VPN service that Opera offers on Android so that its users can reduce data consumption and save money. More than protecting users, the main focus is even saving data, ensuring much more time to use for the same data plans.

Its membership is so great that Opera has announced that the number of users has passed the 50 million barriers. This number is important because in May of this year this service had passed the mark of 10 million.

The new Opera Max VIP

To celebrate this marks, the Opera decided to improve its service further and launched the VIP Mode. This new component solves a problem that many users had, and that limited the use of this VPN. In every 12 hours users had to re-launch the service manually. But, from now on, and with VIP mode active, this limit disappears, and the VPN remain constantly on.

The counterpart of Opera Max VIP

While Opera giving this service needs some counterpart and to monetize the same. For this, Opera Max VIP will start showing advertisements to all its users at very specific times.

When the phones are connected to the mains and at rest, the advertising will be displayed, as well as another one related to the charging process. Only in these moments, and without impeding the use of the phone, this advertising will be presented.

Opera Max VIP is not obligatory and may be activated by users who are willing to receive such advertising, receiving in return an unlimited VPN.

This new feature in Opera Max will further improve this service and give you even more potential. The brand achieved shows well the membership you are having and how much users depend on it.