Yahoo Mail Gets New features to Challenge with Google and Microsoft
Yahoo Mail Gets New features to Challenge with Google and Microsoft

InShortViral: Yahoo has introduced all new features in its mail service, in order to challenge its rivals.

Yahoo Mail Gets New features to Challenge with Google and Microsoft

Yahoo has introduced new version of its mail which bring a quality new features which are already present in extremely popular email services like Inbox and Outlook.


The Yahoo Mail is now updated with all new features as well as bunch of new functions. A bunch of messages can now be easily moved or deleted by pressing and then holding the selection. However, it is extremely easy to toggle between Google, AOL, Outlook or different Yahoo accounts. The new version of Yahoo is also having customized swipe controls, so you can easily left a message in inbox to mark it as read or spam, archive it to another folder or just to delete it. Now Yahoo’s latest version is available on App Stores.


These new functions of Yahoo Mail were already present on other email apps. Outlook which is product of Microsoft is having astonishing functions and modern email applications. Outlook can cope with user’s different email accounts, calendars and files all in just single app. It can also swipe actions in a easy way to sort out long list of emails.


Inbox which is product of Google, however inbox can be only used via Gmail Accounts. Inbox is repeatedly updating this app with new functions like its all new tool “Smart Reply Tool” which review the messages and then recommends short template responses based on their messages. Inbox can also add  real information to message’s content, like the status of online order.


It is the product of Dropbox, and the main rival of Google’s Inbox. However this service will close on February 26, 2016. In Mailbox, Users can categorize their messages into lists and archive or save them.

So, this was all about the Yahoo’s new features in its email service, however above email services already had these features. Yahoo launched this features in order to compete with its rivals like Google and Microsoft. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this with your friends.