You will soon be able to withdraw cash from your smartphone. Chase Bank has announced that they will adopt this technique.

Chase Bank has disclosed that you will not require your ATM card to withdraw money from ATMs very soon but can get cash from your Smartphones. Many banks also have the same idea. Upgraded appliances will be accessible with your smartphone.

You Can Get Cash from Your Mobile Device Very Soon

Various Mobile Payment Services, like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android pay, are achieving success in retail stores; it would have taken a moment for banks to adopt this technology.

According to Associated Press, JPMorgan Chase is adding some new features to its ATMs this year. This feature location is where customers must enter a code in the Chase Bank Application. Also, ATMs this feature will help you withdraw money from your mobile phone. Likely to get upgraded within two years, the company also said they would add NFC functionality to help you quickly access ATMs with just a single tap. Apple Pay also uses the same technology for its services.

When this technology comes into use, it doesn’t mean ATMs will be discontinued; you can still use your cards. Also, new devices will be able to check cash cheques and pay your bill through the machines. However, these features may come in or after 2019. Chase Bank isnAlso, new devices will have more withdrawal limits throughout banking hours, almost up to $3000. ‘t the alone bank is seeking alternatives for money withdrawal. Still, many other banks are working to adopt this technology.

In the meantime, Tech Crunch reports that BOA (Bank of America) and Well Fargo are currently working on their mobile-connected solutions, and Apple Pay was endorsed in a conference with both banks. Bank of America said that it would allow customers to grasp NFC, a technology on their mobile device that will verify and complete transactions at the ATM of Bank of America.

So, this was all about the technology that will help you withdraw cash from your smartphone. Banks are still working on this technology, and it will come soon. We hope you loved this article; feel free to share it with your friends.