Network attacks and stealing personal data has become a sensation in the Internet age.

Network attacks and stealing personal data has become a sensation in the Internet age. In 2016 the United States will continue presidential elections; candidates are desperate “for election”, but newly, network security experts found a total of 191 million US, including a specialized database of voters, was leaked to the Internet; it is unclear how these data thefts take or disclosure.

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According to Forbes and other media reports, network security expert Chris Vickery in early December on the Internet, found the large-scale voter database. The database did not take any security measures, but there can still be seen on the network.

More Than 190 Million US Voters Might Have Leaked Their Personal Information

In this database, detailed information on each voter’s been exposed, including Full name, home address, mailing address, ID number, federal elections, state election ID number, sex, date of birth, telephone number, date of registration of voters, political party identity, as well as from the history of elections since 2000.

Chris Vickery did not disclose he saw where the voter database, an additional database compiled by the agency which is still unknown. According to reports, a responsible person, and network security and other Chris Vickery website to multiple US political data company for confirmation, to see whether this database comes from the other side, but the company so far has not claimed.

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The FBI and the US “The Internet Crime Complaint Center,” have yet to stand voter data exposure events. If the voter database Chris Vickery disclosure is valid, the vast majority of American voters’ information has been leaked. It is reported that the number of 190 million people has exceeded the number of voters currently active in the United States.

2014, the US Census Bureau statistics that have been registered voters, a total of statistics to 142.2 million people. The exposure of more than 190 million people in this statistic is also less nearly 50 million people.

American voters have been leaked data on the network; this is not the first time. In early 2015, Georgia data of millions of voters, in the case of an accident, is, sent to several institutions, including magazines, party organizations, the media, and armed people. Allegedly, the leak and third-party outsourcing cocompany-relatedrrors. However, it should be noted that the normal voter death, move interstate and other reasons can lead to voter error statistics appearing.

For American politicians for election, the voter information of great value, but voters in the United States it has been the lack of rigorous data protection. The laws of some states of the United States did the voter’s data as confidential information, in some cases leading to the outside world can obtain this data.

In addition, address, telephone number, and other voter information look little value. Still, once the rest of the network hackers to steal personal data such as credit card account information in the retail industry, health care industry, personal records cross verification and reconstruction, it will lead to severe phishing attacks and identity fraud.

Recently, IBM released a 2015 American network security report, which shows the consumer retail industry, the number of stolen information, reduce Jiucheng, hackers interest shifted to another area – personal medical records, medical records stolen number there has been a rocketing growth. But IBM did not specifically mention the change voter information was stolen.