Games combined with the greatest technology could easily deliver a superb experience to the players. It could help them utilize their free time and have lots of fun.

Gaming could be nothing without technology because if there is an advanced technology, there could be more advanced and thrilling games.

To date, the gaming level which you might have witnessed is 3D gaming with lots of cool controls through the hardware giving up the pleasureful control over the view, but what we are going to discuss in this article is the technology of futuristic gaming.

Futuristic Gaming Technology and Suits That will Blow your Mind

So, go ahead and read about the 4 futuristic gaming technology and suits which would blow your mind, and you might force to buy these too.

1. Holo Lens

Holo Lens

Microsoft has now created something which was thought to be a fact only for so many years and wasn’t pushed into existence; that’s Holography.

Yes! This is now possible, and you can easily create holograms with your imagination through the Holo Lens. This is something that would give you a break from the limits, and you could experience what so ever you imagine.

2. Tesla suit VR Haptic Feedback Gaming Suit

Tesla suit VR Haptic Feedback Gaming Suit

This is another suit that syncs the whole body feedback with the VR technology to provide an amazing feel, like real physical movement being viewed.

Many sensors inside the suits respond to the users’ movements or actions to give up the information to the connected VR device.



This type of virtual technology has claimed to break up the gap between the physical and virtual world, and hence the users could experience the Salt Lake City, Utah, on which it is based. This could be called the future of VR technology; hence, the viewing experience could change.

4. Araig Gaming suit

Araig Gaming suit

This is a multi-sensory feedback suit that enables the user to provide an exceptional level of gaming experience by triggering the hormones inside.

It is connected with VR technology to make up a whole new view of the gaming experience that the world would either immerse in.

You have now read about the 4 Futuristic Gaming Technologies and the suits; probably, you could have excited too much about these, and if you are a gaming lover, you cannot ignore these technologies.