A couple living in the remote areas of Kansas has been visited by police officers, federal officials countless time in order to find missing people, hackers and various other digital frauds.

“Digital Hell” 600 Million IP Addresses Are Linked To This House

Couple James and Therese Arnold who shifted to the Farmhouse near Potwin, Kansas in the year 2011 is linked with 600 million IP Addresses. So, what’s hidden inside the house? Actually, according to the sources, due to the technical issue with an IP mapping company Maxmind, the company had taken James and Therese Arnold’s Farmhouse as default to map IP addresses.

MaxMind is a Massachusetts-based digital mapping company that provides location data for IP addresses in the United States. According to the BBC, James and Theresa Arnold, who lived on the farm near Potwin, Kansas claims that MaxMind has turned their lives into a “Digital Hell”.

The technical issue with Maxmind is so terrible that it affected the lives of James and Therese Arnold. The first visit of security officials regarding a stolen truck held almost a week after James and Therese Arnold shifted to their farm house. In fact, any problems, from missing persons to computer scams and even attempted suicides, have sent to “local, state or federal officials” to the Arnolds’ place.

James and Therese Arnold had no option but to file a lawsuit against Massachusetts-based digital mapping company MaxMind and have sued MaxMind for $75,000

According to the court documents “Threats began to be made against the plaintiffs by individuals who were convinced that the perpetrator of internet scamming lived at the residence. State investigators — convinced that the plaintiffs had been involved in an identity theft — came to the residence to take pictures of assets”

If we take a look at Plaintiff’s attorney it says that police visits happened in the last month also “My clients have been through digital hell. The most vile accusations have been made against them – such as that they’ve been involved in child pornography. What impact would it have on your life if someone accused you of being in child pornography? Obviously, it’s horrendous”

MaxMind’s co-founder claims that they haven’t “advertised the database as determining the location down to a city or zip code level” and never demanded that “database could be used to locate a household”

According to Mashable MaxMind’s founder, Thomas Mather said they have changed their default IP location to water bodies in order to prevent future digital failures. The Legal acts are still going on.