Now you can easily add a Teleprompter to your Android Camera for Pro-Style Selfie Videos that will help you capture the moments in just amazing quality. So follow the tutorial to proceed.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any social medias have got the function of uploading the video made for the users who all tends to make their video appearance, and that’s what is quite absorbing too. But apart from being this feature available to the users many of the people never go for it because they know how to act in front of the camera, they do know how to style along what all they wish to perform at the moment but suddenly while in front of the camera to make their selfie video they come to realize that they don’t know what to speak up they have forgotten their script. You might also have tried to make your selfie video and collided with the same issue of the script which you have to speak for your video. For making the creation of great influencing selfie videos that people could put on their social media Android users could add the Teleprompter to their camera apps for the great short scripts that they have created to show on the screen while taking the selfie videos. These scripts could be then followed to make the selfie videos, and the issue of forgetting script could be faded away easily. If you are also willing to make good quality videos and get the scripts appear on your screen, then you should read out this whole article as in this article we have written the method by which the Teleprompter could be added to the Camera apps in Android.

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How to Add a Teleprompter to Android Camera for Pro-Style Selfie Videos

The method is quite straightforward and easy, and you just need to follow the simple step by step guide discussed below to proceed.

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Steps to Add a Teleprompter to Your Android Camera for Pro-Style Selfie Videos:

  1. First of all, install the app named “Selvi-Teleprompter Camera” on your Android device. You could easily find this app on your Google Play Store so prefer to download it from there. While installing the app from the Google Play Store just accept any permissions that appears on your screen.
  2. Writing the script could be a no mess because you could easily take lots of time to do that and therefore make the different and proper script for your video. Now you too have to write the script for your video that would be prompted on your camera screen while making the selfie video. To write the script, tap on the + button near the bottom right corner inside the Selvi app, from there, you get the two options either to import your pre-defined script in a text file or either write the new one.

    Add a Teleprompter to Your Android Camera for Pro-Style Selfie Videos
    Add a Teleprompter to Your Android Camera for Pro-Style Selfie Videos

  3. After successfully writing your script, just tap on it from the app and then using the drag edges, adjust the size and position of the script that appears as the overlay on the other screen. Once you have done adjusting your script on the screen, tap on the shutter button to start recording up your selfie video. While doing that, you would notice that the text or the script you have narrated would appear on your screen but at the reasonable opacity, you could, therefore, read and follow the script in your video.

    Add a Teleprompter to Your Android Camera for Pro-Style Selfie Videos
    Add a Teleprompter to Your Android Camera for Pro-Style Selfie Videos

  4. Press the shutter button again to stop the video. Now you get two ways to utilize the video that you have made and that are either save your video or share it on any compatible social media. Don’t worry about the script that you have seen on your screen while filming your video; this would not be there in your final video.

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So you have now got about that method through which the Teleprompter could be added to the Android camera apps, and hence the scripts from the teleprompter could be utilized to make pro-style videos. Now if you have any Android device then go and add the Teleprompter to its camera so that you could also make the pro-style videos.