It seems that the beginning of an era in which artificial intelligence (AI) systems can build other systems of artificial intelligence has arrived. As recently, the researchers from Nvidia has developed an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that easily change environmental situations of images and also creates disturbingly fake videos.

This AI Can Change The Environmental Situation Of Images

Recently, we reported that the day has come when machines make other machines. To be more concrete, it is the beginning of an era in which artificial intelligence systems can build other systems of artificial intelligence. An advance that has made the tech giant Google’s AutoML project a reality by designing a computer vision system that far exceeds the most cutting-edge models.

It was in May of this same year when the tech giant Google’s Brain researchers announced the creation of this initiative, an automatic learning algorithm that learns to build other machine learning algorithms. The intention was to see what an artificial intelligence was capable of, creating another artificial intelligence without human intervention, with the ultimate aim of achieving greater deployment of these technologies.

There are few humans capable of developing them, they are highly coveted and similar projects would help bring artificial intelligence to many other fields and companies, much more quickly. Otherwise, more slowness would imply a great risk for the AI itself, according to experts like Dave Heiner, the tech giant Microsoft’s advisor. Part of its success implies that the implementation is broad.

However, currently, artificial intelligence is going through good times, but many criticisms and why? Simple, since according to different experts around the world we are not prepared for it in any sense and, in addition, could cause the third world war; great consequence in a general way.

However, and despite this, many companies are still betting on it and have already made great advances such as artificial intelligence that creates another artificial intelligence as well told earlier.

Image Source: Nvidia
Image Source: Nvidia

But, we are still talking about artificial intelligence and today we will talk about a rather curious project that you will surely want to try. Specifically, it is an AI that is capable of enabling the rendering of images in images without supervision. This project has been achieved by a group of scientists from NVIDIA.

[youtube]With this new project, different aspects have been achieved, such as the possibility of changing images of areas in broad daylight to nighttime images or vice versa. Undoubtedly, having this type of technology leads us to imagine as never before, since like someone who says an image is worth a thousand words, and only with the fact of transforming it would be great.

[youtube]In this way, the artificial intelligence will be able to monitor and change the image to the aspect that it managed to achieve or what we want . Having the arrangement of such a system is incredible and even more so, when you do not need a huge database of many images to change its appearance; which is the best part. The white balance will improve a lot without any doubt, among other things.

To follow this great project you must follow the website. If you want to learn a bit of this world and implement better functions you can access the source code of artificial intelligence through the GitHub platform.

So, what do you think about this new AI project? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.