What if I say you all that, now an AI can tell you if you are gay or straight just from your pictures? Yes, it sounds really odd, but, it is true. As recently, a controversial study was carried out by the Stanford University that had all the necessities to be taken into consideration.

This AI Can Tell If You’re Gay Or Straight From Your Pictures

Artificial intelligence (AI) will now allow you to detect the sexual orientation from facial appearance data.

Is it just a madness? Not really, as the controversial study was carried out by the Stanford University and had all the necessities to be taken into consideration. Basically, an algorithm is able to recognize by looking at your face or some of your photos simply to figure out whether you are Gay or Straight.

The research was published in the Journal of Personality Social Psychology and reported by the Economist and the Guardian. To create the “VGG-Face” an algorithm, researchers have loaded 130,741 photos of 36,630 men and 170,360 images of 38,593 women found on a dating site in the United States.

To this amount of information was then given a skimming, which led to catalog 35,326 photos of 14,776 people (whose sexual orientation was indicated). The system was then asked to parse it and use it to recognize the faces of people who had in front of the sexual tastes simply by reprocessing the data captured in the “deep learning” phase.

Tested with photographs of some people, the algorithm was able to recognize Gay and Straight individuals in 81% of cases for men and 74% of cases in women. Not only. When the algorithm provided 5 photos for each man or woman, the success rate was 91% and 83%.

What does it mean? “The faces – say researchers Michal Kosinksi and Yilun Wang – contain much more information on the sexual orientation of how they can perceive and interpret the human brain.”

What are the characteristics of a gay and heterosexual according to “VGG-Face”? Gay men would have more feminine features and more male lesbian women. In a parity, says Republic, “gay men would have a thinner and slim jaw, longer noses and larger fronts than heterosexuals, while lesbians would have larger jaws and smaller faces compared to heterosexual women.”

This research could basically outline the thesis that gay is born because of exposure to certain and only later on social and cultural factors intervene. The hormones would modify growth and thus also facial structure.

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