Recently, it was revealed that more than 700 million Android devices have preinstalled spying firmware capable of delivering data from your messages, call logs and device information.

Millions Of Android Phones By Lenovo And Others Running Spyware Apps

One of the latest flaws discovered on Android has shown its vulnerability to software used by third parties. The finding revealed that the company Adups was collecting data from users, without any authorized permission.

But a new analysis of this problem showed that it is much larger than expected and that, after all, it is reaching relief marks that were thought to be immune.

When Kryptowire company discovered this unusual behavior of Adups software, its impact was confined to a few brands, with the majority of China. Only the BLU was identified as having the problem, solving it quickly.

But one new analysis of Trustlook security company has revealed that after all there are many more brands using this Android update software and this list contains much bigger names such as Lenovo, ZTE or Archos. Altogether there are now 43 phone brands that are identified with Adups software.

The problem is in the collection of data that Adups does and sends to its servers, without the consent or the knowledge of the users. In addition to smaller data such as the IMEI, the name of the operator or the Mac Address, this software also collects messages and the history of the users’ calls.

Interestingly, some of the brands that were now identified with the Adups software had denied its use at the time when the problem was reported.

When Adups was confronted with this problem, it recognized it immediately and ensured that its use was undue. This should not be placed on these smartphones because its existence is part of a project that had with a Chinese manufacturer, who had asked to control the behavior of its users remotely.

By using non-Google update systems, manufacturers and their users are exposed, allowing your data to be collected without giving in. It also shows one of the vulnerabilities of Android, whose base allows these changes.