Recently, an angry programmer known as Roger from The Jolly Roger Telephone Company has declared a war on all Windows Support scammers and sent a massive army of bots simply to shut down every fake support line around the world.

This Angry Programmer Sends Army Of bots After Windows Support Scammers

There are many people who have become the victim of the phone scam of fake Microsoft technical support team that has been active since 2012 in several countries such as Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. A false technician offers solutions to solve a PC security problem and claim the money.

Are you not familiar with the infamous Tech Support scam?

Let me clear it out briefly for you, Tech Support scam, basically these are the groups of scammers who targets the users of Microsoft Windows all over the world. These scammers made contact with Windows users via voice calls and then simply tell them that their Windows computer or system has been infected by a malware and virus.

Now many of you might be thinking that why victims didn’t note down the number? As the number from which they make the call to their victims remains unknown, hence, they manage to trap their victims easily.

However, after calling their victims, they claim that they work for the tech giant companies like Microsoft, Google or another big tech companies and then they simply convince the victims just by saying that they have a quick “fix” to their “problem.”

Hold on; it is not finished yet, as after this when victim gives them access to their system they simply install malware which is usually a spying software or a keylogger. As this software simply allows the scammers to trick the user out of a massive amount of cash.

Recently, one such Windows tech support scammer scammed a programmer, but, the angry programmer Roger from The Jolly Roger Telephone Company changed the game as the angry programmer declared war on all Windows Support scammers and sent a massive army of bots simply to shut down every fake support line around the world.

To accomplish this object, Roger stuffed the bots with pre-recorded voice calls, and then Roger simply made this massive army of bots target to a list of Tech Support lines known to engage in ill-disposed exercise.

Not only that even to outwit the Tech Support Scammers into thinking there is an actual human being on the other side of the phone, simply the angry programmer Roger has hackneyed the bots with a variety of answers and replies.

Guess what’s the most interesting thing happen with the scammer? One of his pre-recorded tracks features a woman that gets into a conflict with her daughter that also in the middle of the voice call or conversation. Yes, for this reason, the fraudster stays on the line for another extra 40 seconds while the woman keeps ranting on. Hence, the call lasted over six minutes.


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