We all know very well that smartphone market is quite competitive, we know that the tech giant Apple ‘wins’ with regard to higher prices. But, recently, the former co-founder of the tech giant Apple Steve Wozniak has stated his opinion about the iPhone X, in which he said that he wants a fingerprint sensor on the back of iPhone X.

Apple Co-Founder Says He Wants Fingerprint Sensor on the Back of iPhone X

Although the smartphone market is quite competitive, we know that the tech giant Apple ‘wins’ with regard to higher prices.

However, the popular co-founder of the Cupertino company came to uphold his creation, saying that the tech giant Apple’s prices are extremely high, but that the products are worth it. Steve Wozniak is known not only for having, along with the late Steve Jobs, created Apple, but also for his controversial statements.

But despite having already moved away from Apple in the mid-1980s, Woz continues to support the brand that he helped to create.

Steve Wozniak, one of the tech giant Apple’s founders, is also one of the company’s biggest critics and its products. Set aside from his management for many years, he has given his opinion on all the new products that are being presented.

Woz had not yet made public pronouncements on the new iPhone X, but now, in an interview, revealed his opinion. Steve Wozniak wants the Touch ID back on back of the iPhone.

Since it was known iPhone X that Steve Wozniak has said he had no intention of buying it. Even with this statement, the tech giant Apple made a point of sending him an iPhone X, so the tech giant Apple’s former co-founder can try it out.

Now that he has his smartphone, Steve Wozniak has revealed that this new model even pleases him, but has some features that need to be changed. His opinion was given in a recent interview.

“I think what I would want is Touch ID on the back. I would want that more than anything. Face ID slows down my Apple Pay, and it fails enough times I have to keep typing the password. I have friends who actually turned off Face ID and turned passwords on to make their phone simple to use.”

What most upset Steve Wozniak was actually the Face ID. His claims indicate that this is a malfunctioning system and that many of his friends had to use passwords to ensure security. Like unlocking, also in Apple Pay, the Face ID fails too many times.

Steve Wozniak’s intention is for the tech giant Apple to come back with its position and bring the Touch ID back to the back of the iPhone, the place that Woz believes is his natural position.

In the same interview, Steve Wozniak attacked the tech giant Google and other companies connected to the Internet. According to them, they are abusing users and profiting from their innocence.

“If you look at the tech giant Google, social network giant Facebook and the giant e-commerce site Amazon, we’re really taking advantage of. We’re the weak guy and they’re the big powerful guy exercising their power, continually getting more power and wealth over us.”

As usual, Steve Wozniak is very critical and points out what he understands to be the tech giant Apple’s mistakes and problems. Their opinion is shared by many who also understand that Face ID is not yet mature and that Touch ID is the right choice.

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